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Fundraiser Success!

23 Jan

For today’s post I’m going to share one my own successes! Being Diabetic myself it has always been a goal of mine to do something worthwhile for Diabetes UK, so when the oppurtunity of a walking fundraiser came up – I went and signed straight up!

Back on November 18th, my partner Dan and I walked 8 miles from Chelsea, London to London Tower Bridge, crossing each bridge along the way.

The day was such an inpsiration to me! Not only was it a gloriously sunny day and really warm for November, the city was in full festive swing and we got to walk through some of the busiest parts of London: I can almost smell the roasted nuts and mulled wine again!

The city wasn’t the only thing alive with passion, commitment and ambition that day! Hundreds of people proudly wearing their blue Diabetes UK uniform lined the Thames for hours as we marched our way to the finish line, eagerly anticipating the final bridge and the imminent donations.

I started the day anxious, not knowing at what to expect as this was my first ever fundraiser activity, but ended the day inspired to do more for a charity so close to my heart!

All in all Dan and I managed to raise almost £400 for Diabetes UK, which for a one day walk in sunny London is a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our first fundraiser… I hope you’re all saving up because there are more to come!!!

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If you want to make a one-off donation to Diabetes UK visit

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Lots of Love xx


dan medal


30 May

Like I said in my previous post I’m posting a link to my online fundraising page.

I am raising money for DIABETES UK [ ]

Please take a look at the work that they do; they are one of the most dedicated charities I know fighting for cures, prevention and treatments! Please give whatever you can; from 10p to £10000, it all counts and every donation shows support.


So many people are affected by Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes whether it is you personally, your relative, your friend, your cousin, whoever.


Keep Fightin’, Stay Inspired!

30 May

Reading local stories online at the Welwyn & Hatfield Times online newspaper today I stumbled across a story that I thought I’d share.

A blind local man called Pieta has WON a golf tournament with ambitions to travel to Canada to take part in the World Blind Golf Championships.

What a guy!

I don’t want this article to sound patronising in any way but I feel quite inspired hearing his story! He is guided round each course by his caddy-wife Elmarie and together they make a winning team, despite Pieta’s blindness.

I am Diabetic and have moments when it can get too much for me, even though I’ve lived with the condition for nearly eight years. Reading this story has reminded me that I’m not the only one living with a condition that may or may not prevent me doing the things I want to do.

So, with this in mind, I vow to do more for Diabetes UK, the charity dedicated to helping everyone with Diabetes. In November I’ve signed up to do the ‘London Bridges Challenge’ which is an eight mile hike starting in Chelsea and ending at Tower Bridge. You cross all of London’s famous bridges on the way and raise money for the charity as well. I’ll soon be posting a link where you can sponsor me online. Every penny counts!

Anyway, I hope this has helped anyone else who also suffers from any condition whether it is Diabetes or something else… don’t let it stop you from doing what you want!

xx Stay Strong xx

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