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Sexiest Bikini Bodies of 2013

10 Jun

Well we are finally into the real Summer months and we still aren’t seeing sunny results! All this depression from cloudy days to sad news stories to real-life boy trouble – I can’t believe what a non-starter this year has been! NEVER one to be down for long, I’ve solved my issues…I’ve booked my Summer holiday to the one and only…

ibiza rocksYes, as predictable as Ibiza sounds you may all be surprised to know that I’ve never been before! Hearing SO much about this crazy Balearic Island, I’ve decided to pop this said cherry and take the Ibiza plunge…

Of course booking a holiday doesn’t just come with palpitations of excitement and anticipation…it also carries a certain amount of pressure – especially in the looks department! I’ve been getting sharp hits of inspo from some of my fave, sexy celebs to get me workin’ out – check out this kinky lot:


Mmm! Britney is smokin’ in this turquoise bikini! Pictured at a Californian resort last week this is living proof that working out and going hard pays off…She always has a stunner of a belly bar in, too! I need to get on the blingin’ belly button band wagon! < SO much alliteration…please don’t applaud the genius while she’s typing… 😉

This may be the hottest selfie EVER taken! Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh whacked a few summery snaps on her Instagram page which were taken…in ENGLAND! Yayy for our brief stint in the sun! According to Look Magazine she counts on Pilates to get her super flat, super toned, super delicious bod.

abi clarke

This little devil is Abi Clarke. I briefly saw her on The Only Way is Marbs (DON’T JUDGE ME I WAS FLICKING THROUGH THE CHANNELS!) and was actually more fixated on her fit friend, Jasmine – who, by the way, won Miss Marbs or whatever that ghastly pageant was – BUT as far as I’m concerned, Abi is the sexiest of the two as she has some booootiful curves and is rockin’ such amazing swimwear! Need this suit in my life!!


Sooo…Angela Simmons has also been takin’ sexy selfies in her hotel room – albeit back in March. Expect this sort of thing from me – live from Ibiza. Probably more blurry.


LAWD HAVE MERCY. Rita Ora has the world’s most perfect arse. Nuff said…

I’m guessing you catch my drift?! If I keep staring at all of these pictures for long enough it may get me up and moving! I started the 30-day squat challenge today, as well as the sit-up challenge as well as receiving the Bun & Thigh Wave exercise machine. Oh…and the dog is appreciating these new power walks…WATCH THIS SPACE FOLKS!

Where are you all going this year?! What’s your workout?! Tweet me @sheldan2207


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Designer Dining – Dolce & Gabbana Gold

11 Apr

What? Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant
gold seating

Where? Milan, Italy

“Glamour is Served”

I’ve been researching unusual luxury dining experiences for a piece I’m writing at the moment and couldn’t suppress my need to share my total unadulterated lust for Gold.

Bruno Mars celebrated his birthday there, Justin Bieber partied there after his stage performance on tour and Kylie held a private after-show party there, too. Major name dropping happening here.

Entirely decked out in pure gold, Dolce & Gabbana’s designer space includes a fine-dining, first-floor restaurant, a ground floor casual bistro and a carry-out food store that stocks items from their highly-rated Mediterranean menu.

(Info source: Luxury Launches)

I imagine that dining here is enough to beckon anyone’s inner Paris Hilton (another famous face spotted at Gold) out into the evening’s golden hue.


gold dish



This is the dream! Is this motivation for you? Just keep hustlin’!


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4th Of July Tribute Blog!

5 Jul

Even though I reside in the United Kingdom I’ve been getting the itch lately. Ever since my 3-week tour of America back in 2010 I often get these overwhelming urges to just pack up and get back there even just for a few days.

However, this is financially impossible for me right now so instead I spend my time fantasising and planning future trips! What I’ve been LOVING lately is all of the patriotic apparel trending both sides of the pond. In the UK we’ve just had the Diamond Jubilee, we are currently hosting Wimbledon as usual and we are busy putting together the finishing touches for the 2012 London Olympics so I expect every British person rocking the Union Jack in some way this summer! Some celebs have jumped on the bandwagon proving that it’s super-stylish to be proud of your country!

UK reality star Ollie Locke is known for his patriotic style;

National Treasure Kate Moss poses in her Union Jack blazer;

& young Willow Smith kills it with these Union Jack leggings;

But nothing really brightens my day more than receiving a pair of American Flag espadrilles on the morning of the 4th of July; INDEPENDENCE DAY!

I couldn’t have planned it better myself, but, YES there they were in all their glory, on my feet this very morning! Thank you!

At only £10 these are the steal of the month and have set me off on an American style voyage;

How far can I take this style though? Well I could keep it simple like Kylie Jenner and bust out some super-short-shorts;


Go skimpy a la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley;

Or just over-kill it just like Katy Perry, Solange and Ke$ha!

Oooh dear, that’s not Ke$ha’s best look ever, mind you, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ke$ha dressed at a socially acceptable level. Anyway, the point is being patriotic can be sexy, trendy and most importantly fun! It’s colourful and screams P R I D E so everyone should hop on board! My favourite suppliers of such apparel are obviously Chockers shoes (see link above),



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Restore Your Faith In Humanity…

1 Jul

My grandparents have just sent me this link that takes you to a short video filmed on a beach in Brazil.

It’s such a heart-warming piece of home-video in which 30 dolphins randomly wash up onto the shore and the crowd’s immediate reaction is to save these dolphins as quickly as possible.

Have a watch and hopefully it’ll put a smile on your face for the day;

(copy and paste the above link into your web address bar)


12 May

You know you’ve had a pretty remarkable holiday when you come home and feel like you need a holiday to get over the last holiday…

I touched back down in London Town yesterday afternoon after four memorable days away to Benidorm, Costa Blanca [which is Mainland Spain for those lacking Geography skills ;-)]. What can I say?! Where do I begin?!

First thing to clear up is the misconception that Benidorm is a tacky, over-bearing holiday resort; full of ravers on one side and grannies on the other. Although there are two sides to the resort, both are connected by one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in Europe so far [I’ve been to Greece, Cyprus, France & Costa Dorada to name but a few]. Upon making my first step onto the beach the golden, white, fine sand welcomed my pale, English feet slightly burning my heels as my best friend Katie and I raced for the loungers. If you think this is exaggerated, take a look at the below picture. It illustrates pure heaven; what every sun-worshipping Brit is looking for on their break away.

Another main point to note, which opened my eyes whilst away, is the fact that there is every sort of person imaginable at this resort. The groups of lads and ladettes out for a laugh, the stag and hen do’s and couples of all ages needing a break. The older generation taking advantage of the sequence dancing and the sunsets on the balcony. Families letting their little darlings loose in the swimming pool. The shy, retiring types reading in a shady corner just by the bar. All of these people were all together and EVERYONE FELT COMFORTABLE. Such diversity can often cause trouble but for some reason in Benidorm, everyone is free from judgement, open to conversation and very friendly. Now that’s an atmosphere I like to be a part of…

We stayed at the Gran Hotel Bali in the Old Town of Poniente. Reserved with a few cafés and bars scattered between hotels, the surrounding area has a safe and relaxed vibe to it. 4* rated and offering all boards from bed and breakfast to all inclusive, Katie and I opted for the all inclusive option to get the full package. Luckily for us (being the two greedy fiends that we are) the food was fresh and plentiful at all meal times which, as you can imagine, we took full advantage of. It’d be rude not to, yes?!


The Hotel Gran Bali is one of the tallest buildings in Europe with 43 floors. We took the trek up every floor to find these breath-taking views;


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