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23 May

After the barbaric terrorist attack in Woolwich, South East London, yesterday, where a British soldier, now named as 25-year-old Lee Rigby, was horrifically butchered in the broad light of day, social media has gone into utter meltdown.

lee rigby


Two men were shot down by police officers at the scene and were taken to separate hospitals where they were held and treated under armed guard. Both men are thought to be Muslim converts and were preaching fanatical Islamic verses after dragging the young soldier’s body to the middle of the road.

With bloody hands and crazed expressions one of the men were filmed saying: “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you.”

Social media is known as being one the most popular way of communicating today, but in these situations should they be shut down?

Reading news coverage live as it happened on the BBC News website I made sure I was kept up to speed before I posted a Facebook status. Although I was feeling emotions such as fury, frustration, sadness and helplessness, I still only used the word ‘terrorists’ to describe the attackers: To me, a terrorist is nothing but a fanatical, brainwashed individual with the sole purpose to break, divide and conquer the peace and everyday living of the existing society regardless of what ethnicity, age or sex of the said individual happens to be.

However, scrolling through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook it was immediately apparent that there were some people posting before thinking or researching about what had actually happened.

What has happened is not a joke. It is not an excuse to post your inner opinions which generalise a certain race, culture or ethnicity and tarnish them with the same brush.

Should we take a leaf out of China’s book and ban Facebook? Back in 2011, Louise Mensch MP backed the idea that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger should be shut down in time of crisis.

At the time Louise (ironically) Tweeted: “If riot info and fear is spreading by Facebook & Twitter, shut them off for an hour or two, then restore. World won’t implode.”

This was a notion also backed and considered by David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May. What do you think?! Should these sites be on lock down at times of such crisis?! What would happen if we were left to trust the media entirely for a day or two? Would it incur even more unbearable paranoia, or would it stop consequential violence and racism?! I’d LOVE to hear from you (Tweet me @sheldan2207 or comment below!).

❤ RIP to Drummer Lee Rigby ❤


To donate by telephone, please call 01725 514 130

Or Text “HERO” to 70900 to donate £5


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Cara Cokes Up!

6 May

She’s used to everyone bitchin’ about her brows, not her nose…

cara d

For someone who allegedly drops a bag of cocaine on the floor in front of a million paps, Cara Delevigne seems in HIGH spirits as she jets to the US from Heathrow today (had to be done…)!

Taking after the one and only Kate Moss in more ways than one, Cara was returning home from a night of hard partying with her one and only wifey, Rita Ora when the little bag of white powder casually falls out of her handbag.

According to a source speaking to the Daily Mail Cara ‘very discreetly put her foot on it and then rolled her handbag across so it looked like she was just kind of bending over.”

It seems H&M are suitably unimpressed with Clumsy Cara saying, “We  have a zero tolerance policy towards  drugs, and  this also forms part of our advertising policy. Our team will evaluate the evidence over the  next few days. If the story is true, then we will take action.”

[Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2319635/Cara-Delevingnes-modelling-work-threat-shes-spotted-bag-cocaine.html#ixzz2SW9eDI3z
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What do you think? Will this make or break little Miss Eyebrows?!

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The Kardashian Empire Hits London!

25 Apr

Mild hysteria and frantic fangirling owned my Twitter timeline yesterday as Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Kris Jenner touched down in London Town avec le Disick babies.

k dash disick jenner

Scott was joined by long-time lover Kourtney and kids Penelope, 10 months old,  and Mason, 3, while he prepares for his appearances around the capital this month:

Hosting at Anaya, London – April 25th 2013

Hosting at Club 195, Essex – April 27th 2013


then he will be hosting a Thames boat party on June 15th 2013

Checking in and out of London Heathrow Airport the Kardashian/Disick/Jenner family clocked up some impressive Louis Vuitton luggage space:

lv luggage

11 bags counted by the Daily Mail!

Only spending one day on England capital city of London, there’s not much time to dilly dally – and dilly dally they did not! Slipping into something chic and comfy the fam headed to world-renowned toy store Hamleys and ate at top eatery Novikov.

hamley trip kk

scott and kk


scott and mason



Mango Blazer

mango blazer kk

Red Jeans

kk red jeans


All Saints Leather Pants

leather pants kris

Studded Loafers

chockers kris


Ralph Lauren Shirt

polo rl sd

Ted Baker Loafers

tb loafers

Did any of you meet Kourtney, Kris or Scott?

Are you obsessed with this family as I am?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a fan of anyone?

Get in touch! I want to feature YOU!


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Young’un of the Week – Kane Surry

2 Apr


“Everyone knows that it’s a cliché to say, “I’ve dreamed of being an actor since I was little” – but in my case it doesn’t stop it from being true. My name is Kane Surry and I’ve dreamed of being an actor since I was little, and I’ve worked extremely hard over the past decade to make that dream a reality.

The acting profession is notoriously tough; it’s a job that involves a bit of hope and a huge amount of rejection…not to mention the fact that it, like everywhere else, has suffered from the recession so the opportunities are less than ever.

This I know about acting and everyone knows it (although it’s never put me off) but made me more determined to succeed and carry on working. I’m actually amazed that I’ve got this far because I have a tendency to be flaky in nearly every other aspect of my life but when it comes to my professional acting career I’ve never stop aiming higher.

I was always a hyper child with a very big imagination but when I got to secondary school I was a bit lost because I was crap at football (which was like a crime at my school) and I was a pretty average student.

I wanted to stand out though, always have done, but didn’t really know how too.

I was bullied which knocked my confidence in my early secondary school days so it was only when I was around 16 years old that I found the confidence to do my first school play and I thought it was what I wanted to be known as – an actor!

I got the lead and I was playing a cocky intern at a teenage magazine who used the agony aunt section to meet girls and it really brought me out of my shell and got what I’d aimed for: I’d stood out as an actor at school.

When applying for drama school for the first time when I was 17 I really messed it up. I got way too cocky and applied to all the best schools, thinking I was Marlon Brando and not preparing properly but thinking I was going to breeze it. Did I breeze it? Did I shite!!

Nowhere took me on and rightly so, I hadn’t done enough, didn’t know enough and wasn’t humble enough.

That was a shock that I didn’t understand at first but then I had to re-evaluate and be honest with myself. I’d missed out that year and I was gutted but it was my own fault.

I spent my next two gap years trying to be a better actor; I doomed a one year course which was privately funded. I nearly didn’t go but am eternally grateful to the sacrifices that were made for me and afterwards I realised how much they went without just so that I could go. I wasn’t going to let them down so I got my head down and took in all I was taught.

I eventually got into drama school at the Central School of Speech and Drama – one of the best in the world. I couldn’t believe it when the letter came through and I just couldn’t wait to start.

One thing that shocked me in my time there was how middle class a profession acting is. I come from a working class background and a big family and thought that if you were talented the opportunities were for everyone but at Central there were often times that I felt slightly alienated because of my background and this made me lean towards pretending I was more middle class to fit in: Drama school is a bubble and it’s when you leave that you realise the diversity is there and you have to know and embrace every aspect of yourself because that is what you’re selling. I may not be wealthy (yet) and I don’t speak R.P. but there is a market there for me.

I have a lovely agent who works extremely hard for me but I always do what I can to see if I can get opportunities for myself. I apply to online ads even if the work isn’t paid; I go to press nights of big shows so that I can network and talk to casting directors and other actors, etc. I also keep myself up to date with what’s on the television and in theatres and keep up to date with who is casting what and where they are going next. It’s all progressive and can seem hopeless at times but so worth it when it comes through.

I’m determined more than anything to make my career work: Since leaving drama school in June I’ve been lucky enough to work on two Shakespeare plays, some co-operate work and I start a film next month but all the time I want to do more and I’m always aiming for bigger and better things.

I’m looking forward to the day I can say: “Eastenders? I was in that before I did that ITV drama but I only did the two series as I got ordered to do a great new play at The Royal Court.”

Big dreams but I want to make them happen.”

To get in touch with Kane you can tweet him @KaneSurry or comment below.

Every week on Obsessed With Them I feature a seriously inspiring young person working hard to reach for their dream job! From plumbers to librarians, teachers to actors I will be featuring everyone that wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths! If you’re on your way up and want your time in the spotlight – or want to inspire others, or just want a slither of recognition then GET IN TOUCH!

We’re all in this together.

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Young’un of the Week – Katie Valentine

25 Mar

Every Monday from now on will be a celebration of a so-called ‘dying breed’. The media have young people pinned to the lazy, unambitious and even dangerous stereotype, and quite frankly I do NOT agree. I know far too many inspiring young people that never get any recognition for the extremely long hours of hard work they put in every single day just to better themselves and get ahead in this impossible country. None of the people featured in this weekly post have been born with a Silver Spoon up their bums, nor have they been handed anything on a Golden Platter. These young’uns don’t want fame, not even fortunes. They know what they want and how they are going to get it.

Without further ado, meet Katie Valentine. Katie is 22 years old and lives in Manchester with her son, James, 3, and her dream goal is to be a Probation Officer: “My goal is to be a probation officer as I am passionate about the community and reducing crime. I think having a son myself (makes me) worry about the world he is growing up in!”

This hasn’t always been Katie’s plan, though. She says, “My passion for this didn’t come about until a few years ago when I had just turned 19, had my son and moved away from my home town due to my relationship breaking down. I decided that now I had a baby it wasn’t an excuse to sit around at home and do nothing, it was more of a reason to MAKE SURE that mine and my son’s future was going to be the best (it can be).”

Katie continues, “I decided to go back to college and then to do a degree at university, as I never actually went to Uni at the age your ‘supposed’ to. I hardly attended school in my most important year – Year 11. I just about passed my GCSEs. I would definitely try harder if I could turn back time. I (didn’t let this) impact my life too much; there are lots of good educational opportunities for adults – you just have to look hard enough to find them!”

With the UK in dire straits at the moment, young people are lacking important funding and opportunities from potential employers, yet Katie has defied these odds to get ahead. She explains, “I’m currently at college studying an Access to Higher Education diploma in Criminology, Psychology and English along with GCSE Maths. If I pass this diploma it will enable me to start university in September this year or next.”

“At first I wanted to do community and youth work. I looked into voluntary work I could do to support my university application and landed myself a role within the youth offending team. I absolutely loved it and decided it would be brilliant to work with adults too. After months of harassing the local adult probation team about any opportunities they finally got back to me with an interview. I smashed the interview, completed the training and am now a fully-fledged alcohol and substance misuse mentor!”

Through her own grit and determination Katie has not only gained work experience that just aids her next step, it has also given her the self-confidence to go further: “The love I have for my voluntary work made me more determined to do an even more challenging degree so I have set my sights on Criminology and Law LLB. I’ve been accepted into four out of five universities and I am just waiting to hear back on the fifth. After this degree I hope to be able to work within the criminal justice system as a probation officer.”

Are things as hunky dory as they appear? For those of you reading wondering how anyone has the time or money to pursue such commitments, pay attention! Katie shares her tips for battling through; “The main challenge for this is time management; I have to plan my days down to the last minute! Even with the help of my partner it is still hard juggling voluntary work, college, assignments, running a home and being a mummy. Somehow I do it! My assignments are always handed in on time, my house is clean and tidy and James has everything he needs – including quality time with me. I make sure I am organised – my Filofax is my best friend!”

“At the moment I get child tax credit and child benefit, my mum helps me when she can if I need some extra money although I hate asking and I hardly ever do. My partner is also amazing and supports me in every way; he works and is actually going to university too this September! When I start Uni I will have my student loan to keep me going and after that I really hope to have work. The charities I volunteer for pay my expenses like travel costs, petrol etc. It’s hard but I would rather do it the hard way than just claim job seekers allowance!”

She adds, “I do get very tired, sometimes I just have to give in and have an early night. I wanted to book in to get my nails done the other day and realised I actually have no time to do this! I think I spend more time helping other people than doing things for myself but then I thought to myself, ‘Do material things like getting my nails done really matter?’ I would definitely rather be spending time with my clients, helping them achieve their road to recovery; I cant explain how much satisfaction I get out of my work.”

Other than adopting a steely work ethic, having the self-belief that you WILL achieve and being organised, what other advice would Katie give to other young people looking to get into the Criminal Justice industry?

“Do your research very well; if you know what career you want in the future then contact people that are already working in these roles, ask them how they achieved their goals and then if there is a way you could do the same then look into that. There are plenty of courses at local colleges and universities that are specifically for adults too. You can usually get bursaries to help with financial costs (for books, equipment, etc.) and my college even pays for my childcare – as long as I keep my attendance above 90%. It’s definitely worth looking into, where there is a will there is a way! I believe everyone has it in them to achieve their dreams.”

Finally, Katie adds, “Although I am still quite far away from my dream, I am closer than I have ever been and I am so excited about my future – I just want to make my son proud. I never, ever want him to go without anything and I want him to follow in my footsteps and work hard for the nice things in life.”

Katie Valentine PHOTO


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BBC3 Documentary Scores Prince Major Lad Points

31 Jan

Despite his hatred for the press, Prince Harry allowed Richard Bacon and the BBC into the war-world of his tour of Afghanistan where he is solely known as Captain Wales.

‘Prince Harry: Frontline Afghanistan’ not only portrayed the royal as an intriguing, honest young man but also as one of the lads who becomes the ‘Brew Bitch’ if he loses a Fifa competition with his soldier pals; who resides in barracks on high alert and in full readiness for action; who can’t be arsed to make his tiny, single bed; and who is at his happiest when regarded as ‘normal’ and ‘just like the others’.

Not only had Harry always felt most comfortable in the army, he was always extremely good at what he does. His passion for his role as Apache Helicopter Pilot is honourable throughout the documentary, although he makes it very clear that if it wasn’t for who he was and the consequences that follow his royal title, he would be most at home on the ground with his squadron.

Perhaps unfairly, Harry has come under-fire from ‘officers from the upper echelons’ for saying he would prefer to be on foot than in his helicopter: The Sunday Telegraph reported that a senior officer (who spoke anonymously to the paper) said that the tone of interview was wrong and that Captain Wales sounded like a ‘spoilt teenager’!

In my opinion, this is not so and I found Harry to be compelling, keen and proud to be serving in the British Army. The points he raised about his disgruntled feelings towards the press and media were given with dignity and the necessary brevity it deserved and his apologies for his infamous Vegas snaps were heart-felt.

The only inevitable backlash that will follow the show’s airing will be the failure to address the ongoing controversy of allowing Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, to serve on the frontline of a heavy warzone, albeit from the relative “safety” of an Apache.

Although visibly able enough to work the £45million machine, it has still cost an awful lot to train, maintain and debate over Harry which some are saying is too excessive for someone often pulled out early for security reasons. The argument continues…

Agreeing with Caroline Frost’s Review for the Huffington Post, I’d have also chosen a better suited presenter for the documentary. As Caroline mentions, “Richard Bacon…seemed caught up instead by the wave of glamour that inevitably pervades a good-looking royal staying off the polo field and out of Bouji’s long enough to ‘look after the lads down there.'”

What the documentary did for someone like me, who never really knows what to believe and what to read, was give an insight of the real Prince Harry’s behaviour during an intimate interview in an environment where he feels most comfortable. Whether he’s acting his age as Harry the Playboy, letting off some steam as Harry the party-hard alcoholic or serving as Captain Wales, the 28-year-old Prince wins major lad points with me.

harryPhoto Source: The Telegraph

Fundraiser Success!

23 Jan

For today’s post I’m going to share one my own successes! Being Diabetic myself it has always been a goal of mine to do something worthwhile for Diabetes UK, so when the oppurtunity of a walking fundraiser came up – I went and signed straight up!

Back on November 18th, my partner Dan and I walked 8 miles from Chelsea, London to London Tower Bridge, crossing each bridge along the way.

The day was such an inpsiration to me! Not only was it a gloriously sunny day and really warm for November, the city was in full festive swing and we got to walk through some of the busiest parts of London: I can almost smell the roasted nuts and mulled wine again!

The city wasn’t the only thing alive with passion, commitment and ambition that day! Hundreds of people proudly wearing their blue Diabetes UK uniform lined the Thames for hours as we marched our way to the finish line, eagerly anticipating the final bridge and the imminent donations.

I started the day anxious, not knowing at what to expect as this was my first ever fundraiser activity, but ended the day inspired to do more for a charity so close to my heart!

All in all Dan and I managed to raise almost £400 for Diabetes UK, which for a one day walk in sunny London is a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our first fundraiser… I hope you’re all saving up because there are more to come!!!

Follow me on Twitter and search through my TwitPics for all the photos from the day @sheldan2207

If you want to make a one-off donation to Diabetes UK visit http://www.diabetes.org.uk/Get_involved/Donate/

Or if you want to become a Diabetes UK member, volunteer or just want more information or support on any type of Diabetes visit  http://www.diabetes.org.uk/

If you want to talk to me, personally, about Diabetes contact me shelbyloreane@gmail.com

Lots of Love xx


dan medal

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