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Will We Tire of TOWIE?

12 Jul

There is much to discuss in the land of Essex!

I absolutely love The Only Way is Essex and, as you know from previous posts, I visited Lauren Goodger’s salon back in May to get one of her infamous spray tans. It was all very new and exciting then to have an actual shop where you are almost 90% likely to see your fave TV reality star strolling through the doors! Now we are in July and the whole female cast have turned all entrepreneurial on us and put their names to something; whether it is a dress collection, bikini range or cupcakes, Lydia, Gemma and co have all signed up to sell us something. So let’s take a look at the competition…

We begin with the perfect Lucy Mecklenburgh and her brand-new bikini range being sold at Bella Bamba. I’ve been hearing about this for a while now through the Twittersphere and I have to admit once I clapped eyes on the designs… I felt mildly disappointed! I can’t believe I feel this way because Lucy is is the epitome of perfect but her designs are just plain boring. What do you think?

I can’t peel my eyes of her hot bod! Cripes have I got work to do!

Also brand new this month we have a collection for the curvier girls amongst us designed by the bold and bubbly Gemma Collins. Full of wild patterns and pleasing silhouettes the dresses are, to her credit, very flattering. I’d love to be able to post more info but at the time I was writing this her official website was undergoing some maintenance. So instead I’ll give you some cheeky photos of my fave dresses so far;

Lauren Pope is a very savvy little thing. This rather fit young lady has her fingers in every pie it seems as she has managed to carve out a successful career in DJ’ing and glamour modelling as well as having her own hair extension business (Hair Rehab) and dating website ( .. Aaahhh!

The Wright’s arne’t shy of a few spin-off successes themselves either. Mark tried his hand a spot of presenting on the dating show Take Me Out: The Gossip and then won his own show on ITV2 (Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights) – both shows were pretty pants in my opinion with Hollywood Nights being unbearably cringy in places. His efforts on I’m A Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here were Ok at best, I suppose, as he was the runner-up coming second to Dougie from McFly.

Mark’s older sister Jess Wright is doing just as well as the rest of them, naturally. She owns her own lingerie shop in Loughton, Essex and has recently ‘launched’ a singing career (although I’ve not heard her song on the radio or seen her video on the telly just yet but I’m sure this is her big break). Her track ‘Dance All Night’ made it to number 10 on the Clubland 21 track listing. Congratulations!

I can’t take it any more! If I’m bored of writing about all of these pointless merchandise attempts then you surely must be bored of reading about it! It doesn’t even stop there; Lydia has Bella Sorella, Sam & Billie own Minnie’s Boutique, Cara & Billi own Belles & Beaus and Lauren Goodger obviously has Lauren’s Way. Even the TOWIE rejects of yesterday are branching out; Harry Derbidge has his own collection on, Amy Childs owns the ever-inventive Amy Childs Salon and Kirk Norcross is currently dating Jodie Marsh and plugging his and his Dad’s (Micky) Sugar Hut empire online and with PAs.

The real story that will come of all this will come right after the final episode of TOWIE airs on our TV screens and the spotlight moves on to some other poor unsuspecting souls currently living their lives, happier than Larry himself.

It will be survival of the fittest (literally) and I can’t wait to see who has what it takes to make it post-TOWIE.

Who’s your money on?

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Ridin’ The Tube

23 May


Every time I visit I learn something new. Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate my other half took me into Town for shopping, dinner and theatre.

London folk have there own way of doing things, just like all the other cities in the world. But London Folk do their thing in style.

Every individual in London has a style niche. My particular fave was the preppy summer-girl look with long tousled ‘bed hair’, minimal make-up, bronzed skin and dressed in a cute dress or dungarees and pastel pumps. I’ve put together some examples of the outfits I saw and just L.O.V.E.D:

1) Dungarees have made quite a comeback it seems! So many girls in them yesterday, styled with flatforms and a hat that screams ‘I’m Cooler Than YOU Coz I Am In This HAT!”

 +  +



The dungarees above are from American Apparel and are £76 [ See ]

The crop top above is Exclusive to ASOS at the moment at is £25 [ See ]

The flatforms can be found on ASOS too and are River Island. They are £55. [ See ]

The hat is yet again ASOS and £10 [ See ]

2)  I saw so many cute girly dresses yesterday is prompted me to invest in some myself! My fave outfit in London looked very similar to this one:

+ +

I am The Trilby’s biggest fan. It makes the world’s cutest dress and shoe combo uber-cool… Long-live the trilby!

This black one is from ASOS and is £20 [ See ]

The super-cute summer dress is from Urban Outfitters and is £68 [ See ]

Summery and chirpy the shoes compliment the dress nicely. They are a MASSIVE BARGAIN as well at only £9.99 from H&M [ See ]

3)  CRAZY PLATFORM SHOE BOOTS were everywhere! Obviously not a first choice for traipsing around the Underground in but still worth the effort! By far my favourites are:


 Neon was another big trend yesterday with statement accesories spotted all over the place.These flourescent pink shoes (above left) are from Prodigy Red and also come in lime green or black. They are £31.99 [ See ].

Above left are just beyond beautiful. Cheap as chips; they are £33 from Chockers. [ See ]

Well that’s my London fashion update for you. Tomorrow I’m going to write a review of the Lion King. Hope you L.O.V.E xx

Keep It Classy, Ladies!

19 May

I’m casually snuggled on the sofa with Princess watching ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ re-runs, totally drooling over Jennifer Aniston.

It has come to my attention that you can’t find consistently classy females such as Ms.Aniston, lately. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for occassional spray tans and a claw-worthy set of false nails, but I’m wondering why class and elegance have been thrown out the window and replaced with an overly-made up, sex-mad image that young girls have started relating to. Jennifer rarely speaks out about her love life, doesn’t use social networks and continues to age perfectly despite barely-there make-up. How she is still single is beyond me.

Ask your man (or closest male friend/relative) who they’d prefer to date out of the following;

1) Jennifer Aniston

[ ]

I deliberately chose one of Jennifer’s raciest shoots to prove that even with this much skin on show she carries it off in a sexy yet sophisticated way; adding fuel to her ‘girl-next-door’ fire. As you can tell, I’m a big fan!

Or 2) Katie Price

 [ ]

Although chalk and cheese and not an entirely fair argument, you see my point. Katie has made her millions from her image and has created her own empire of franchise which I actually really admire and look up to. It’s just my humble opinion that too many women are following suit in this image.

I would really hate to be 13-years-old again in this exact day and age. It’s my 21st birthday Tuesday and I still feel the pressures of having to look a certain way, even just being an unimportant town girl from Hertfordshire! I wonder if my boyfriend finds me too pale, if that girl gave me a weird look because of my leopard print leggings. My first dabble in make-up consisted of poking my eyes out with a blunt eyeliner pencil and creating ‘Spider-Eyes’ with a cheap, blotchy mascara at the age of about fourteen. Even then I only did it because the girls at school looked so much older than me!

Accept my sincere apologies for such a feminist rant but it just dawned on me how beautiful Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow all looked for ten consecutive years, using very minimal make-up. It’s such a shame that the natural look is dated and the most celebrated celebrities of today opt for the smokey-eyed, bronzed look.

Looks like us mere mortals need to keep up for now! *sigh*…


12 May

You know you’ve had a pretty remarkable holiday when you come home and feel like you need a holiday to get over the last holiday…

I touched back down in London Town yesterday afternoon after four memorable days away to Benidorm, Costa Blanca [which is Mainland Spain for those lacking Geography skills ;-)]. What can I say?! Where do I begin?!

First thing to clear up is the misconception that Benidorm is a tacky, over-bearing holiday resort; full of ravers on one side and grannies on the other. Although there are two sides to the resort, both are connected by one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in Europe so far [I’ve been to Greece, Cyprus, France & Costa Dorada to name but a few]. Upon making my first step onto the beach the golden, white, fine sand welcomed my pale, English feet slightly burning my heels as my best friend Katie and I raced for the loungers. If you think this is exaggerated, take a look at the below picture. It illustrates pure heaven; what every sun-worshipping Brit is looking for on their break away.

Another main point to note, which opened my eyes whilst away, is the fact that there is every sort of person imaginable at this resort. The groups of lads and ladettes out for a laugh, the stag and hen do’s and couples of all ages needing a break. The older generation taking advantage of the sequence dancing and the sunsets on the balcony. Families letting their little darlings loose in the swimming pool. The shy, retiring types reading in a shady corner just by the bar. All of these people were all together and EVERYONE FELT COMFORTABLE. Such diversity can often cause trouble but for some reason in Benidorm, everyone is free from judgement, open to conversation and very friendly. Now that’s an atmosphere I like to be a part of…

We stayed at the Gran Hotel Bali in the Old Town of Poniente. Reserved with a few cafés and bars scattered between hotels, the surrounding area has a safe and relaxed vibe to it. 4* rated and offering all boards from bed and breakfast to all inclusive, Katie and I opted for the all inclusive option to get the full package. Luckily for us (being the two greedy fiends that we are) the food was fresh and plentiful at all meal times which, as you can imagine, we took full advantage of. It’d be rude not to, yes?!


The Hotel Gran Bali is one of the tallest buildings in Europe with 43 floors. We took the trek up every floor to find these breath-taking views;


Tanned & Ready To Jet!!

5 May

So, I had my Essex-Style spray tan today! Since I am going to Spain on Tuesday, I visited the Lauren’s Way salon in Buckhurst Hill, Essex today, which is owned by The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Goodger. My appointment was booked at 2pm and I arrived 10 minutes early as advised as they were understandably extremely busy!

The decor was stunning with beautiful, French-style mirrors and Lauren’s Way products lining the walls.

Lauren was not what I was expecting at all. She’s so tiny! Recently, the magazines and newspapers have been going to town making up stories that she’s big and fat and her weight is causing her to be depressed.

NEWS FLASH GLOSSIES!! Dressed casual in leggings and converse, her hair tied in a high pony-tail and carrying a ginormous Chanel carrier she looked far from the down-trodden chick she’s made out to be! She made sure she addressed the room and said hello to all her staff (who seem to be more like friends than colleagues) and the atmosphere remained chirpy and buzzing.

The only problem was the 40 minute delay. If this was any other salon I wouldn’t have waited…but seeing as I was in Lauren’s Way I sat it out. It was worth it though as anyone waiting was offered a tall glass of champagne or a soft drink of your choice.

So now I’m tanned and ready to get on that jet plane on Tuesday and take a quick break away with my best friend. I wonder what sort of crazy people I can meet and see on the beaches of the Costa Blanca…

Until next week…Peace!

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