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Young’un of the Week – Kane Surry

2 Apr


“Everyone knows that it’s a cliché to say, “I’ve dreamed of being an actor since I was little” – but in my case it doesn’t stop it from being true. My name is Kane Surry and I’ve dreamed of being an actor since I was little, and I’ve worked extremely hard over the past decade to make that dream a reality.

The acting profession is notoriously tough; it’s a job that involves a bit of hope and a huge amount of rejection…not to mention the fact that it, like everywhere else, has suffered from the recession so the opportunities are less than ever.

This I know about acting and everyone knows it (although it’s never put me off) but made me more determined to succeed and carry on working. I’m actually amazed that I’ve got this far because I have a tendency to be flaky in nearly every other aspect of my life but when it comes to my professional acting career I’ve never stop aiming higher.

I was always a hyper child with a very big imagination but when I got to secondary school I was a bit lost because I was crap at football (which was like a crime at my school) and I was a pretty average student.

I wanted to stand out though, always have done, but didn’t really know how too.

I was bullied which knocked my confidence in my early secondary school days so it was only when I was around 16 years old that I found the confidence to do my first school play and I thought it was what I wanted to be known as – an actor!

I got the lead and I was playing a cocky intern at a teenage magazine who used the agony aunt section to meet girls and it really brought me out of my shell and got what I’d aimed for: I’d stood out as an actor at school.

When applying for drama school for the first time when I was 17 I really messed it up. I got way too cocky and applied to all the best schools, thinking I was Marlon Brando and not preparing properly but thinking I was going to breeze it. Did I breeze it? Did I shite!!

Nowhere took me on and rightly so, I hadn’t done enough, didn’t know enough and wasn’t humble enough.

That was a shock that I didn’t understand at first but then I had to re-evaluate and be honest with myself. I’d missed out that year and I was gutted but it was my own fault.

I spent my next two gap years trying to be a better actor; I doomed a one year course which was privately funded. I nearly didn’t go but am eternally grateful to the sacrifices that were made for me and afterwards I realised how much they went without just so that I could go. I wasn’t going to let them down so I got my head down and took in all I was taught.

I eventually got into drama school at the Central School of Speech and Drama – one of the best in the world. I couldn’t believe it when the letter came through and I just couldn’t wait to start.

One thing that shocked me in my time there was how middle class a profession acting is. I come from a working class background and a big family and thought that if you were talented the opportunities were for everyone but at Central there were often times that I felt slightly alienated because of my background and this made me lean towards pretending I was more middle class to fit in: Drama school is a bubble and it’s when you leave that you realise the diversity is there and you have to know and embrace every aspect of yourself because that is what you’re selling. I may not be wealthy (yet) and I don’t speak R.P. but there is a market there for me.

I have a lovely agent who works extremely hard for me but I always do what I can to see if I can get opportunities for myself. I apply to online ads even if the work isn’t paid; I go to press nights of big shows so that I can network and talk to casting directors and other actors, etc. I also keep myself up to date with what’s on the television and in theatres and keep up to date with who is casting what and where they are going next. It’s all progressive and can seem hopeless at times but so worth it when it comes through.

I’m determined more than anything to make my career work: Since leaving drama school in June I’ve been lucky enough to work on two Shakespeare plays, some co-operate work and I start a film next month but all the time I want to do more and I’m always aiming for bigger and better things.

I’m looking forward to the day I can say: “Eastenders? I was in that before I did that ITV drama but I only did the two series as I got ordered to do a great new play at The Royal Court.”

Big dreams but I want to make them happen.”

To get in touch with Kane you can tweet him @KaneSurry or comment below.

Every week on Obsessed With Them I feature a seriously inspiring young person working hard to reach for their dream job! From plumbers to librarians, teachers to actors I will be featuring everyone that wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths! If you’re on your way up and want your time in the spotlight – or want to inspire others, or just want a slither of recognition then GET IN TOUCH!

We’re all in this together.

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England v Montenegro, First Half – A Female Commentary

26 Mar

First of all, let me say that I have no idea who’s on the teams but England are in a dashingly bright shade of white and Montenegro have opted for a rather brash red.

Montenegro’s national anthem gets me all rialled up and feeling aggressive. Very bulshy.

Ashley Cole – now there is a Twat and a half – oh wait he did nothing. Hmm..

“Came within inches of capitalising” What’s this? We just missed bro. Close though. Bravo..? <<< Rhymes

Big kick from Joe Hart.

Danny Welbeck just did the LAMEST attempt at a kick thing ever!! I even noticed.
8 degrees warmer than home in Montenegro and they still don't look amused!

Wayne Rooney pulling atrocious faces whilst Gerrard litter picks. I've lost the ball and the plot of the game…wait a moment…
Between the two of them they've both managed to team up and score LOL thanks guys…love being made to look foolish.
Guy banging the drum in the crowd has upped his merry tempo.

"Can England build on that fabulous start" Imagine being this commentators wife. "Marvellous BJ babe…can you build on this amazing start"
I've gone off subject again. You all wondered what happens in a woman's brain through a football match…No filter.

Let me resume concentration. Ooft that red kit clashes so heavily with the green pitch my eyes are bleeding.
With regards to the game I'm feeling bored. I think it's because the managers look bored and the players look like they wish they were back at their 6* pads fucking carefully selected, high end girls. Maybe. Probably (and other words that make this sentence legal or whatever…)

That fucking drum!!!!! Kill him.

"Give a fork about your pork" << How much was the person who came up with this slogan paid? Amazing slogan.

"Rooney has a free head" I imagine he does indeed, I can't imagine that granny-tute paying for it on her pension. Bet she wasn't as cheap as she looked, though.

The Montenegro fans are bouncing. Why are they so happy? They're losing?

Lescott's head is a thing of pure class. I reckon there's a Twitter account out there just for his forehead and if there isn't there should be. I see a waterfall of a bead on when I look at Lescott…

THEO WALCOTT IS MY LOVE! Such a cute little face for such a quick, sneaky little runner. Can definitely do better than Melanie Slade but it seems legit enough.

Wait, Joe is about to do his mega kick…BOOM..howww the fuckkkk can it go that far?! I want to try that and see how far I can get the ball. It should be a thing that if you get it so far you can legitimately put it on your CV as a skill.

Boschovic (that's a spelling guess) just threw the ball almost as far. Strong guy.

Rooney, Cleverley, Rooney, Welbeck…oh fail.

We are now having an off-side mare.

Back to Danny Welbeck and he's done something else wrong! What's this guy's deal – if someone who has no clue about football can see he's pants then surely I should get some of his wages??

LOL Ashley Cole fell. Bet Cheryl laughs every time she sees that douche-packet fall down.

It's all gone a bit boring. Cleverley, Rooney, Milner, Gerrard, Milner, Gerrard, BLOCKED. Come the fuck on.

Right we've moved up. Good header away, Saweratwic, Gootnavic… (again spelling guesses)…Big goal kick BOOM!
Aggressive throwing of what seems to be plastic cups from the home fans. Get over it or we'll send Danny Dyer over to sort you all out…Oh wait…carry on.
To think Danny Dyer used to get women all hot under the collar until we realised he was just a pansy boy (probably) on coke. He definitely cries at Titanic.

Ruchavic, Nobacovic, Savic, Luchavic, Sanwich, Speratic…OUT!!! Oh no it's not HA! Errm… Guptavic, Left foot on inside, Speratic,

TERRIFIC BALL FROM WELBECK APPARENTLY!! Redemption?? Almost, maybe…"constant thorn in the opponent's side" apparently…Jury's out on Welbeck it seems, bless him.

Corner kick. Brace yourselves coz it's the wrong side of the pitch to be beneficial for England << that almost sounded profesh.

My hot chocolate is finished. Sad times.
Carrick, Cleverley, Johnson…Johnson??? Who's this?
Carrick to Cleverley…Gerrard, Seeking Welbeck…OFF! Grrrrrr Welbeck is where it always ends. Boring bastard.
Rooney, Johnson, Gerrard, Rooney, Gerrard, looking for Cole but got Suraric. Fail.
Cleverley Rooney, Cole, delicate pass, Rooney, Gerrard, half excited commentator, Carrick…

"England need another goal" <<< No shit Sherlock.

5 minutes left of this half. I'm exhausted. LOL Joe Hart's little quiff is adorable – I need to know what gel is withstanding those sweat levels.

Savic, down he goes, YELLOW CARD FOR WELBECK THE FUCKING HAIRY OAF and a free bastard kick for the red team (not us).
Bit of a clusterfuck down the red team's end, still looking clustered… "England come away".

Slow mo replays reveal so much more agg. I HATE when payers stroll up to the ref for a devious little hug and a Chinese whisper – blatant cheating that people ignore.

Head injury. This means I'm going to have to wait longer to get another hot chocolate (Options Go Bananas, only 38 calories per cup).

1 Minute to go!! Carrick to Cole, Oopsnavic…chequred flag pointing left, man with beard, whistle…DONE!!

See you in the second half!


13 Mar


Just look at that front row. The Grammy’s was of course full to the brim with red hot sexy talent but this mono-four take things to a level of their own. Monochrome is everything right now:


Left to Right: Pixie Lott attending the Sass & Bide LFW Show; Men’s Wear from the Unconditional Spring/Summer 2013 show at London Fashion Week; Rochelle Humes at US Promo Appearance; Kim K on lunch date with PR friend Jonathan Cheban; Blake Lively at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon telly appearance

It’s not just mono-attire that the fashion world is feelin’ right now; check out these beauty and accessories to match:

mono acc

Clockwise from top left: Khloe Kardashian’s nails; Paris Fashion Week’s big make-up trend, White Eyeliner;  Amanda Seyfried’s bag and coat; Scarf from Stephane Rolland’s Paris Fashion Week SS 2013 Collection.

If I were to rock this mono-trend on a night out, whether it be for a date, dinner or partying I’d wear my favourite dress straight from my Mum’s closet! I have no idea where she got it or what for but it’s perfect! It’s almost -100 degrees outside in Britain this week with that Siberian breeze so I’ve teamed it with black ASOS Leggings and a saucy pair of stilettos I bought in a boutique in San Diego! Of course, I loved Khloé’s nails so much I got mine done the same! How would you style Monochromatic Sexiness???

my monomy mono shoesmy mono nails

Tweet me @sheldan2207 or comment below – feel free to contact me xx

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Kinga Sektas – Handmade Jewellery Review

18 Feb

Handmade jewellery has always had the unique ability to turn your outfit into something less factory made and more for you.

This week I discovered the amazing service that comes with ordering from online boutique Kinga Sektas.

The variety on the website is enough to send you into jewellery overload but once you note the prices, the excitement kicks in. With pieces from as little as £3.50 I didn’t really know where to start; I just knew I needed some earrings.

Recently writing an article for Britain’s No1 Handmade Jewellery magazine about how Kinga Sektas uses only cruelty-free feathers in her materials got me extremely intrigued in such products. Opting for the Hot Pink & Yellow Flamingo Feather Earrings, I checked-out.

In the space of 24 hours of ordering I had received a welcome e-mail from the boutique, a confirmation and invoice, a thank you note and a very exciting Valentine’s Gift message. Not only did Kinga (owner and jewellery creator at Kinga Sektas Boutique) dispatch what I chose and paid for she also sent me the Alicia Sequin Earrings.

Noticing from my blogs what a huge fan of the Kardashian’s I am, she remembered a customer who came to her before and asked for a set of earrings to be made just like the ones Kim wore in the Kardashian Kristmas Kard last year!


Less than 48 hours after my order was placed I was signing for my shiny package. The postman is getting used to my wonderful deliveries that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours!


Opening the parcel, I realised what a perfect gift this would make for someone, too. Inside was a branded box with lush hot pink wrapping paper, finished with a hot pink ribbon and gold certified sticker. Not too shabby for Shelby!




So inside were my two pairs of earrings, of course. From the pictures of the Alicia earrings I thought they’d be quite heavy on the lobe but they actually only weigh 12g and I actually forgot I was wearing them after a while. My pet hate with long dangling earrings in the winter is that they get cold and then make you jump out of your skin when they touch your neck! That, you will happy to know, doesn’t happen with these as they are entirely made out of sequins. I wore them on Valentine’s Day with my hair down but I’d also wear them with my hair in a tight bun to make more of a statement on a night out.


These are available in silver, cream and pink as well as black so can pretty much be an option for any outfit and most occassions; the Swarovski element make them that bit more for special events.

The flamingo feather earrings are just as light, just as gentle but add much more drama to your outfit! If you’re looking for an ice-breaker piece, or a pair of earrings that get converation started, I would opt for these! The first thing that anyone mentions when I wear them are, “Nice earrings!” To which I gladly respond with something about geuine flamingo feathers, etc. You get the point.

I was worried when I bought them though. What would I wear them with? I know Tulisa, Andrea Gomez and Gwyneth Paltrow are a fan of pink feathers:


But I am neither rich nor famous so nobody cares if I’m inadvertently seeking attention through my earrings! So I wore a very black outfit with them and let them dance their own salsa, so to speak:


To sum up on the product and services avaialable at Kinga Sektas:

1) Quick, generous and pleasing dispatch service

2) Exceedingly good value for money

3) Very, very moreish products…


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X Peace X

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BBC3 Documentary Scores Prince Major Lad Points

31 Jan

Despite his hatred for the press, Prince Harry allowed Richard Bacon and the BBC into the war-world of his tour of Afghanistan where he is solely known as Captain Wales.

‘Prince Harry: Frontline Afghanistan’ not only portrayed the royal as an intriguing, honest young man but also as one of the lads who becomes the ‘Brew Bitch’ if he loses a Fifa competition with his soldier pals; who resides in barracks on high alert and in full readiness for action; who can’t be arsed to make his tiny, single bed; and who is at his happiest when regarded as ‘normal’ and ‘just like the others’.

Not only had Harry always felt most comfortable in the army, he was always extremely good at what he does. His passion for his role as Apache Helicopter Pilot is honourable throughout the documentary, although he makes it very clear that if it wasn’t for who he was and the consequences that follow his royal title, he would be most at home on the ground with his squadron.

Perhaps unfairly, Harry has come under-fire from ‘officers from the upper echelons’ for saying he would prefer to be on foot than in his helicopter: The Sunday Telegraph reported that a senior officer (who spoke anonymously to the paper) said that the tone of interview was wrong and that Captain Wales sounded like a ‘spoilt teenager’!

In my opinion, this is not so and I found Harry to be compelling, keen and proud to be serving in the British Army. The points he raised about his disgruntled feelings towards the press and media were given with dignity and the necessary brevity it deserved and his apologies for his infamous Vegas snaps were heart-felt.

The only inevitable backlash that will follow the show’s airing will be the failure to address the ongoing controversy of allowing Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, to serve on the frontline of a heavy warzone, albeit from the relative “safety” of an Apache.

Although visibly able enough to work the £45million machine, it has still cost an awful lot to train, maintain and debate over Harry which some are saying is too excessive for someone often pulled out early for security reasons. The argument continues…

Agreeing with Caroline Frost’s Review for the Huffington Post, I’d have also chosen a better suited presenter for the documentary. As Caroline mentions, “Richard Bacon…seemed caught up instead by the wave of glamour that inevitably pervades a good-looking royal staying off the polo field and out of Bouji’s long enough to ‘look after the lads down there.'”

What the documentary did for someone like me, who never really knows what to believe and what to read, was give an insight of the real Prince Harry’s behaviour during an intimate interview in an environment where he feels most comfortable. Whether he’s acting his age as Harry the Playboy, letting off some steam as Harry the party-hard alcoholic or serving as Captain Wales, the 28-year-old Prince wins major lad points with me.

harryPhoto Source: The Telegraph

Fundraiser Success!

23 Jan

For today’s post I’m going to share one my own successes! Being Diabetic myself it has always been a goal of mine to do something worthwhile for Diabetes UK, so when the oppurtunity of a walking fundraiser came up – I went and signed straight up!

Back on November 18th, my partner Dan and I walked 8 miles from Chelsea, London to London Tower Bridge, crossing each bridge along the way.

The day was such an inpsiration to me! Not only was it a gloriously sunny day and really warm for November, the city was in full festive swing and we got to walk through some of the busiest parts of London: I can almost smell the roasted nuts and mulled wine again!

The city wasn’t the only thing alive with passion, commitment and ambition that day! Hundreds of people proudly wearing their blue Diabetes UK uniform lined the Thames for hours as we marched our way to the finish line, eagerly anticipating the final bridge and the imminent donations.

I started the day anxious, not knowing at what to expect as this was my first ever fundraiser activity, but ended the day inspired to do more for a charity so close to my heart!

All in all Dan and I managed to raise almost £400 for Diabetes UK, which for a one day walk in sunny London is a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our first fundraiser… I hope you’re all saving up because there are more to come!!!

Follow me on Twitter and search through my TwitPics for all the photos from the day @sheldan2207

If you want to make a one-off donation to Diabetes UK visit

Or if you want to become a Diabetes UK member, volunteer or just want more information or support on any type of Diabetes visit

If you want to talk to me, personally, about Diabetes contact me

Lots of Love xx


dan medal

Chris Brown Sports New Tattoo Of Beaten Woman, Twittersphere Disgusted

11 Sep

After that mug shot was released of a broken, beaten Rihanna, the world was disgusted and shocked as news broke of Chris Brown’s attack on the 24-year-old Bajan babe.

I’m not sure when or why the world decided to forgive Brown but he is yet again facing a huge backlash over his new neck tattoo which you can see using this link:

What is he thinking????

Although he denies the face is that of his former flame, the design resembles similar injuries Rihanna suffered after Brown’s 2009 beating, including a bruised lip and a black eye.

The tattoo is in fact, according to Brown’s publicist, a MAC Cosmetics design celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Ok, Chris. Whatever you say honey. You’re not fooling’ no-one! Dawn Porter, writer, responded to the pic on twitter saying, “Seriously what IS that? On his neck, where everyone can see. Knowing what people know. ‘Random girl’ my pie!”

Simon Curtis, musician, also tweeted against Brown saying, “I think it might be time for the universe to click delete on Chris Brown.”

However singer and actress Skye Townsend wrote, “Chris Brown’s tattoo definitely looks like a MAC makeup template. People always want a juicier story.”

What do you think? Over-reacting? Or is the ink in bad taste? Do you like the tat and think Chris Brown needs to be given a break?

Get involved! The jury is out on this one…

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

28 Aug

Currently dabbing my eyes dry trying to pull myself together after yet another disappointing  response from my writing tutor.

The more time, effort and assignments I submit into this course, the more negative the comments from my tutor are. I’m not sure what the deal is and I’ve been contemplating whether to give it all up or not..

To quit or not to quit.

Why should I quit? Writing is something I love to do; just like actors love acting and singers love to sing! To motivate myself I’ve been trying to remind myself of all the other times in my life where I’ve had no choice but to fight; giving up wasn’t an option.

Aged 12 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and wondered how I’d ever cope without chocolate bars, jam sandwiches and Coco Pops for breakfast. I was forced to suddenly inject myself up to 4/5 times a day every time I ate and planning physical activities to the minute for maximum control. Even now, after nearly 9 years, I get times when I just sit, staring at the wall contemplating to give it up altogether. It’s so much effort. Why me? When will it end? What can I do?

After much time spent deeply breathing and counting to 10 I come back to reality with a thud. What the hell am I talking about? If I give up on Diabetes I basically give up on life. Absolutely ridiculous.

When else have I not given up?

Another health scare couple of years later meant I had to have major surgery on my spine in 2006. If I’d have given up then I’d be crippled in a wheelchair by now. Good choice to carry on…

Parents divorcing after that…

GCSEs soon followed (I got 4 A’s after studying through the rows at home)..

Tedious apprenticeship after that (finishing with distinctions almost a year early)…

Sure we moan about the various stages in life as they happen but really what other choice do we have? Life is super hard but it’s a test of who we are as individuals to weed out the real successes from the bums!

So NO! Don’t give up… Never say never and strive to prove those who say you CAN’T that actually you CAN!!

My fave Kim Kardashian tweeted this quote-pic this week… It’s now the background on my iPad… Whatever you are doing, working for or training for …

Much Love Fellow Pressers xxx

2012 Games Pessimist PROUD To Have Been There!

5 Aug


That is what I can say to my future grandkids, children, family and friends.

“Remember when London hosted the most successful, beautiful, poignant Games in history, kids?! NO?? Come here, Grandma Shelby will tell you all about it…”

I am soooo into it! Yesterday was an astonishing day for British Athletes as it saw new hero, girl-crush and all round superstar Jessica Ennis finally get her Gold Medal draped around her neck as she powered through the 800m race to, of course, come first. Greg Rutherford threw himself as far as he could to bag the Gold in the Men’s Long Jump and gave the most heartfelt yet baffled speech as he tried to get his head round his achievement. Hardcore runner Mo Farah got his anticipated Gold in the (rather tortuous) 10,000m race. Dani King, Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott rowed their way to victory in the Women’s Pursuit; Andrew Trigg Hodge, Tom James, Pete Reed and Alex Gregory also rowed towards the Gold in the Men’s Four and Sophie Hosking and Kat Copeland got their hands on a somewhat unexpected Gold Medal as they won the Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls!

But winning aside, what I really can’t get over is my insistent love for it all! Rewind to one month ago and I was the epitome of a digruntled Brit; “What is all the fuss?”, “Olympic bed covers? What else can they flog?” and “Why are Olympic stars endorsing blister plasters and Subway food?” were some of my most frequent whinges.

The Opening Ceremony started (I was forced to watch it by my better half and I’m glad I did now in hindsight) and I didn’t get it. It was boring, confusing and downright messy (in my own humble opinion but don’t judge me yet).

Then they cleared away the Industrial Revolution stuff (thank goodness!) and got on with what can be confirmed as the greatest show on Earth (so far). From the music to the choreography to the set to everyone involved, the whole thing was perfectly timed, included world renowned superstars (David Beckham on that boat…ahem!), had a touch of the Great British sense of humour (Her Maj shooting out of that chopper… classic) and exuded a powerfully stunning visual to millions of people around the globe.

My Olympic obsession began.

So ever since I’ve been watching, following, pining for tickets that the media keep telling me are NOT available (yet hundreds of empty seats are clearly visible at almost every event…sigh…moan…sigh) and cheering on for Team GB!!

But then…

Horse Guards Parade, London, Thurday 2nd August: I WAS THERE!! A good chum of mine offered me a ticket to the Beach Volleyball Wednesday evening and I hurriedly accepted, booked a dogsitter and went home early from work. Excited is an understatement. I was BUZZING!

Next day, a good service on all tube services meant the trains weren’t grossly packed and the City felt friendly. I don’t remember a time I was EVER said “Hello” to on the tube let alone asked where I’m from and what I’m coming to London for today! A Brazilian tour guide and a very cockney lady were having a conversation directly opposite me about empty seats and Team GB, a German couple and an Australian were talking flight prices and what each of their countries has to offer and that they should go stay because it really is a fabulous country. All whilst a group of European lads were being sternly warned about their beer drinking.

Inside the arena I took my seat at around 2pm and didn’t leave it until 6pm! Honestly, the feeling of being in that arena felt like I was on an 18-30s holiday not casually supporting the Beach Volleyball teams! Sexy conga dancers and a perky female host perked us all up between matches and started mexican waves and long bursts of cheers for whoever we were there for.

My pal and I sat through Germany v Netherlands, Grrrrrrreat Britain v Russian Federation and USA v Spain – all cracking to see and an almighty barrage of support for Great Britain. So much so it gave me gooseys!

After dinner at Garfunkel’s (Trafalgar Square – go there, the pizza and rosé were to die!) we headed for home and I literally collapsed into my bed. The dogsitter had thankfully walked the dog 3x already throughout the day, groomed her, cleaned her up and got her ready for bed. Touch! (See below for her website, her services are FULLY recommended!)

I can apologise at this stage as I seem to have rambled on for over 800 words! However I’m glad I gave in to my hardened British disapproval and involved myself in an event that will be forever remembered and cherished.

x Peace London x

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For a personalised pet day care, dog walking, house sitting and pet grooming service use Pets, Muts & Huts:

Magic Mike – An Overdue Review

14 Jul

When the opening scenes contain a butt-naked Channing Tatum and Olivia Munn you know this film is going to live up to your fantasies:

But nudity aside, I couldn’t help but feel the efforts put into this movie mainly focused on the choreography, music and costumes! Lacking what could’ve been quite an interesting insight into Tatum’s life before fame, the plot didn’t really thicken at any point and without the brief love interests throughout the film would’ve been 110 minutes of naughty dancing and wild drug-fuelled party footage (I’m not complaining though!).

The main story of the movie is based around the extremely sexy Michael Lane (Tatum) who works as a roofer in the day, as a male stripper at night and dreams of becoming a famous furniture designer. Discovering scruffy Adam (Alex Pettyfer) on the roof-site one day Mike introduces him to the ‘crazy club’ as The Kid when they accidentally meet up outside the club one evening. A bond is instantly connected between the team and soon enough they become kings of the Tampa strip-joint cashing in thousands of dollars every single weekend – but Mike wants more. The ageing sleaze-pot who owns the club (Matthew McConaughey) promises him big equity in the move to Miami but never confirms just how much until it’s too late.

When Adam’s sister (played by Cody Horn, the stand-out actor in this flick for me) can’t get hold of her off-the-rails brother one night she finds him collapsed, only half-alive at Mike’s pad after a crazy pill-infested night out.

Holding a secret flame for Adam’s sister he is devastated that he has broken his promise to her that he would take care of him from the start. He sees his life for what it really is through her eyes and makes some devastating decisions to get the girl, the dream and a comfortable, settled life – minus the stripping.

My best friend and I went to see this movie as part of a girly night out complete with dinner and drinks beforehand. This is the sort of situation the movie suits – it’s not for the film buffs expecting first-class acting, award-winning plots and a huge thought-provoking ending. Sexy men for all ages, Channing Tatum professionally gyrating on stage like he’s done it before (obviously) and a slight romantic edge too. What more can a woman ask for?

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