What About Me?!

Shelby-Loreane Thomas

21-year-old writer pushing to turn her passion into a career.

A Professional Writer Is An Amateur Who Didn’t Quit”

^^ That’s The Motto ^^

Obsessed with all things girly (celebs, make-up, fashion, the colour pink) but also enjoy the finer things in life too (holidays, eating out, theatre).

Writing brings me peace in to what I see as a very complicated, confusing world. To have researched about and learnt about something completely new to such an extent that you feel like a newfound expert, I think, can bring a great sense of pride and accomplishment when you finish that piece. For me, it’s exciting to learn new skills, to conquer new challenges and to visit unknown destinations with only other people’s knowledge as a map.

Currently, I’m freelancing about having just got my diploma from the London School of Journalism! Having worked in the travel industry for several years before the course that is where my true passion lies but I am also happy writing news features, topical features, celebrity pieces, movie, theatre and music reviews as well as trying my hand at novels, children’s stories and some poetry.

If I ever tried to live without my BlackBerry my life would probably end (I’ve lost it a couple of time and each time resulted in hysterics) as I am a social-networking-freak – and while we are on the topic of Twitter follow me @sheldan2207!

For now, this is my blog which I basically started as a break in between my school assignments! I still get to write but in a more relaxed fashion!

So relax, enjoy and feel free to get involved! I love it when people comment on what I’ve said, whether it’s for or against – tell me if I’m wrong people! I’m a Gemini and Geminis won’t tell themselves!

❤ Adios Amigos ❤

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