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Will We Tire of TOWIE?

12 Jul

There is much to discuss in the land of Essex!

I absolutely love The Only Way is Essex and, as you know from previous posts, I visited Lauren Goodger’s salon back in May to get one of her infamous spray tans. It was all very new and exciting then to have an actual shop where you are almost 90% likely to see your fave TV reality star strolling through the doors! Now we are in July and the whole female cast have turned all entrepreneurial on us and put their names to something; whether it is a dress collection, bikini range or cupcakes, Lydia, Gemma and co have all signed up to sell us something. So let’s take a look at the competition…

We begin with the perfect Lucy Mecklenburgh and her brand-new bikini range being sold at Bella Bamba. I’ve been hearing about this for a while now through the Twittersphere and I have to admit once I clapped eyes on the designs… I felt mildly disappointed! I can’t believe I feel this way because Lucy is is the epitome of perfect but her designs are just plain boring. What do you think?

I can’t peel my eyes of her hot bod! Cripes have I got work to do!

Also brand new this month we have a collection for the curvier girls amongst us designed by the bold and bubbly Gemma Collins. Full of wild patterns and pleasing silhouettes the dresses are, to her credit, very flattering. I’d love to be able to post more info but at the time I was writing this her official website was undergoing some maintenance. So instead I’ll give you some cheeky photos of my fave dresses so far;

Lauren Pope is a very savvy little thing. This rather fit young lady has her fingers in every pie it seems as she has managed to carve out a successful career in DJ’ing and glamour modelling as well as having her own hair extension business (Hair Rehab) and dating website ( .. Aaahhh!

The Wright’s arne’t shy of a few spin-off successes themselves either. Mark tried his hand a spot of presenting on the dating show Take Me Out: The Gossip and then won his own show on ITV2 (Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights) – both shows were pretty pants in my opinion with Hollywood Nights being unbearably cringy in places. His efforts on I’m A Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here were Ok at best, I suppose, as he was the runner-up coming second to Dougie from McFly.

Mark’s older sister Jess Wright is doing just as well as the rest of them, naturally. She owns her own lingerie shop in Loughton, Essex and has recently ‘launched’ a singing career (although I’ve not heard her song on the radio or seen her video on the telly just yet but I’m sure this is her big break). Her track ‘Dance All Night’ made it to number 10 on the Clubland 21 track listing. Congratulations!

I can’t take it any more! If I’m bored of writing about all of these pointless merchandise attempts then you surely must be bored of reading about it! It doesn’t even stop there; Lydia has Bella Sorella, Sam & Billie own Minnie’s Boutique, Cara & Billi own Belles & Beaus and Lauren Goodger obviously has Lauren’s Way. Even the TOWIE rejects of yesterday are branching out; Harry Derbidge has his own collection on, Amy Childs owns the ever-inventive Amy Childs Salon and Kirk Norcross is currently dating Jodie Marsh and plugging his and his Dad’s (Micky) Sugar Hut empire online and with PAs.

The real story that will come of all this will come right after the final episode of TOWIE airs on our TV screens and the spotlight moves on to some other poor unsuspecting souls currently living their lives, happier than Larry himself.

It will be survival of the fittest (literally) and I can’t wait to see who has what it takes to make it post-TOWIE.

Who’s your money on?

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My Spoilt Little Bichon

7 Jun

Today, Princess’ new wardrobe essentials arrived in a cute little purple package from Puppy Kit.

Neatly folded inside was a bright pink raincoat and a baby pink ‘Princess’ Vest. I’ve posted before about the raincoat but it was way too small for my chubby Bichon before so I had to swap it for a bigger size. Now both items fit perfectly and I thought I’d share the highly adorable sight with my fellow pooch lovers!

Puppy Kit is located in Buckhurst Hill in Essex and is also popular with TV stars from ‘The Only Way is Essex’. My personal puppy faves from the show are the tiny Elvis (owned by Billi Mucklow shown below left with best friend Cara Kilbey) and Wrighty (owned by Mark Wright & Lauren Goodger in an earlier series of TOWIE, both shown below right leaving the Puppy Kit boutique).

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You can shop online at

Credit Cards At The Ready!


Tanned & Ready To Jet!!

5 May

So, I had my Essex-Style spray tan today! Since I am going to Spain on Tuesday, I visited the Lauren’s Way salon in Buckhurst Hill, Essex today, which is owned by The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Goodger. My appointment was booked at 2pm and I arrived 10 minutes early as advised as they were understandably extremely busy!

The decor was stunning with beautiful, French-style mirrors and Lauren’s Way products lining the walls.

Lauren was not what I was expecting at all. She’s so tiny! Recently, the magazines and newspapers have been going to town making up stories that she’s big and fat and her weight is causing her to be depressed.

NEWS FLASH GLOSSIES!! Dressed casual in leggings and converse, her hair tied in a high pony-tail and carrying a ginormous Chanel carrier she looked far from the down-trodden chick she’s made out to be! She made sure she addressed the room and said hello to all her staff (who seem to be more like friends than colleagues) and the atmosphere remained chirpy and buzzing.

The only problem was the 40 minute delay. If this was any other salon I wouldn’t have waited…but seeing as I was in Lauren’s Way I sat it out. It was worth it though as anyone waiting was offered a tall glass of champagne or a soft drink of your choice.

So now I’m tanned and ready to get on that jet plane on Tuesday and take a quick break away with my best friend. I wonder what sort of crazy people I can meet and see on the beaches of the Costa Blanca…

Until next week…Peace!

Who’s That Chick?!

27 Apr

If it’s not Khloe Kardashian, it’s Lauren Goodger. If it ain’t Beyoncé, it’s that girl from up the road. Or the guy who served me in the supermarket. People are just fascinating and I love to see what people wear, what they say, who to, where they go…

It might sound strange but we all do it, reading the mags, papers and thinking ‘Who’s that chick? Why she do that?’

You might not even notice you do it. Like my nan. She picks up stuff from other people all the time but refuses to admit it. She can spend two minutes with an American person and come away pronouncing her ‘R’s’.

I admit it. That’s why I created this blog. To view my thoughts (however weird and crazy). I will physically go out of my way to find all different types of people.

I’m heading to Essex next week to get a spray tan at Lauren Goodger’s salon, Lauren’s Way (from hit UK show, The Only Way Is Essex), then popping round the corner to go little dog shopping at Puppy Kit (also mentioned in The Only Way Is Essex). Let’s start this thing off…

Essex Style!!

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