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Sexiest Bikini Bodies of 2013

10 Jun

Well we are finally into the real Summer months and we still aren’t seeing sunny results! All this depression from cloudy days to sad news stories to real-life boy trouble – I can’t believe what a non-starter this year has been! NEVER one to be down for long, I’ve solved my issues…I’ve booked my Summer holiday to the one and only…

ibiza rocksYes, as predictable as Ibiza sounds you may all be surprised to know that I’ve never been before! Hearing SO much about this crazy Balearic Island, I’ve decided to pop this said cherry and take the Ibiza plunge…

Of course booking a holiday doesn’t just come with palpitations of excitement and anticipation…it also carries a certain amount of pressure – especially in the looks department! I’ve been getting sharp hits of inspo from some of my fave, sexy celebs to get me workin’ out – check out this kinky lot:


Mmm! Britney is smokin’ in this turquoise bikini! Pictured at a Californian resort last week this is living proof that working out and going hard pays off…She always has a stunner of a belly bar in, too! I need to get on the blingin’ belly button band wagon! < SO much alliteration…please don’t applaud the genius while she’s typing… 😉

This may be the hottest selfie EVER taken! Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh whacked a few summery snaps on her Instagram page which were taken…in ENGLAND! Yayy for our brief stint in the sun! According to Look Magazine she counts on Pilates to get her super flat, super toned, super delicious bod.

abi clarke

This little devil is Abi Clarke. I briefly saw her on The Only Way is Marbs (DON’T JUDGE ME I WAS FLICKING THROUGH THE CHANNELS!) and was actually more fixated on her fit friend, Jasmine – who, by the way, won Miss Marbs or whatever that ghastly pageant was – BUT as far as I’m concerned, Abi is the sexiest of the two as she has some booootiful curves and is rockin’ such amazing swimwear! Need this suit in my life!!


Sooo…Angela Simmons has also been takin’ sexy selfies in her hotel room – albeit back in March. Expect this sort of thing from me – live from Ibiza. Probably more blurry.


LAWD HAVE MERCY. Rita Ora has the world’s most perfect arse. Nuff said…

I’m guessing you catch my drift?! If I keep staring at all of these pictures for long enough it may get me up and moving! I started the 30-day squat challenge today, as well as the sit-up challenge as well as receiving the Bun & Thigh Wave exercise machine. Oh…and the dog is appreciating these new power walks…WATCH THIS SPACE FOLKS!

Where are you all going this year?! What’s your workout?! Tweet me @sheldan2207


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The Kardashian Empire Hits London!

25 Apr

Mild hysteria and frantic fangirling owned my Twitter timeline yesterday as Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Kris Jenner touched down in London Town avec le Disick babies.

k dash disick jenner

Scott was joined by long-time lover Kourtney and kids Penelope, 10 months old,  and Mason, 3, while he prepares for his appearances around the capital this month:

Hosting at Anaya, London – April 25th 2013

Hosting at Club 195, Essex – April 27th 2013


then he will be hosting a Thames boat party on June 15th 2013

Checking in and out of London Heathrow Airport the Kardashian/Disick/Jenner family clocked up some impressive Louis Vuitton luggage space:

lv luggage

11 bags counted by the Daily Mail!

Only spending one day on England capital city of London, there’s not much time to dilly dally – and dilly dally they did not! Slipping into something chic and comfy the fam headed to world-renowned toy store Hamleys and ate at top eatery Novikov.

hamley trip kk

scott and kk


scott and mason



Mango Blazer

mango blazer kk

Red Jeans

kk red jeans


All Saints Leather Pants

leather pants kris

Studded Loafers

chockers kris


Ralph Lauren Shirt

polo rl sd

Ted Baker Loafers

tb loafers

Did any of you meet Kourtney, Kris or Scott?

Are you obsessed with this family as I am?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a fan of anyone?

Get in touch! I want to feature YOU!


Comment below


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Kendall Say What?!

9 Jan

As celebrity stalking goes, I am up there as one of the most obsessed when it comes to the Kardashians.


Ever since Keeping up with the Kardashians started all those years ago I, like the rest of you, have been highly entertained by this family and find it fun to see the new Jenner Jeneration now coming into their own.

We’ve seen Kylie and Kendall Jenner go from this:

young jenners



There is no doubt about it, these cool cats are GROWN!

But, have they got what their mogul sisters have to last in this nitty gritty business? They’ve always been bratty, and can sometimes even seem stuck-up on some episodes of Keeping Up and yesterday, Kendall let rip on the paps via her Twitter account!

Over three consecutive Tweets, Kendall wrote:

“there’s nothing that irritates me more than when people take pics of me/my family/ or anyone in this industry and do not ask.”

“don’t sit there taking pics of me as if I’m a statue, or an artifact in a museum. I can see you and it makes me uncomfortable.”

“I’m a human being and it’s very rude not to ask. you wouldn’t appreciate it either”

(Tweets shown exactly how they appear at @KendallJenner)

Waaaait a minute?! The same paps that keep your family relevant? The paps that therefore get you your modelling jobs? The paps that can’t get enough of your million dollar family empire??



Point made, although, she does seem to be the shy, sulky one in the family (unless she’s in her bathing suit looking fierce on the runway). If she wants the paps to disappear she may want to consult Kim on that one.

Talking of Kim and her millions, guess who just bagged herself an $11 MILLION abode?! (That’s £7 Million if you’re reading from the UK!)

kims new house

Doesn’t it look dreamy?!

You can find all the Dream Kimye House info and even more jaw-dropping pics at E! Online

So next time you fancy a moan about the glorious life you lead, Kendall – just take a look at everything you have and why you have it!

Lot’s of love

Avid fans


UK Top 40 Raises Some Important Questions

3 Dec

The Top 40 Chart is broadcast live every Sunday here in the UK on BBC Radio 1.

I’m usually working my day job by the time the show starts which means I can listen to the whole rundown of this week’s most popular music.

It’s pretty much the highlight of my Sunday shift. Not much else is going on.

This week, though, there seems to be something wrong. The chart isn’t what it should be. Some of the songs involved are not exactly ground-breaking super-beats or heart-meltingly beautiful power ballads, which raises some very important questions:

(Answers on a tweet, comment, postcard)

1) Number 40 is a new entry from Athlete with ‘Wires’. One can only presume the world was reminded of this boring song when good ol’ Rylan performed it on the results show last week. Does this mean Rylan does actually have selling-power?

2) Ladywell Primary School are also new in at number 39 posing the obvious question of WHO?! Well ladies and gents I found out via Twitter yesterday that it is a cute little effort recorded in the school’s gym hall in memory of classmate Caden Beggan (via @FinllFixIt on Twitter). So, in order to raise even more money for meningitis research download the song on iTunes! Have you done your bit yet?

3) Imagine Dragons have entered the charts at numbers 35 AND 37! Well done you guys! The question here is… Who the heck are Imagine Dragons? Indie Rock band from Las Vegas with Alex Da Kid on production. Seems legit.

4) ‘Shine Ya Light’ by Rita Ora is still floating around the top 40 at number 34. For such an unoriginal, tedious song it’s spent an unimaginable amount of time rammed down our throats by continuous air time and stragetically placed ads on YouTube (everywhere). Who is still buying this song?

5) Any song with “tweedle-da-dee-dee-deeee” as lyrics should never chart. Even if you are McFly and only number 33. Sorry, lads.

6) Naughty Boy and Emeli Sande are only at number 32 with Wonder. Question here is; who is NOT buying this song?? Deserves to be much higher in the charts, especially when Taylor Swift, Psy and The Pogues are sitting higher up in the chart!

7) How much money does Mariah Carey make from ‘All I Want For Christmas’ every year? It’s only the 3rd of December and she’s already sitting pretty at number 30!

8) How much money do The Pogues make from yearly sales of ‘Fairytale of New York?’ It was hideous all those years ago, it is still hideous now. Whoever feels the need to buy this song every year may need to be mentally tested.

9) Who remembers Gold Dust?! DJ Fresh’s finest song (in my humble opinion) is back at number 25 and it still feels as epic as it’s first release, if not more, because not only is the original back with a bang, the Shy FX re-edit is NEW and is a flaming hot version of the original. It needs to get higher! Listen here:


10) Christina Perri is in at number 13. Is it just me or does ‘A Thousand Years’ sound pretty much the same as ‘Jar of Hearts’? Borin’ Hell!

11) K$sha at number 10? How loyal are her ‘animals’?? The song is poo, her singing ability needs to be questioned and we really need to figure out how many more alternations of Auto Tune we can tolerate. However, well done Kesha’s animals for getting her where she is today. The rest of humanity can’t work it out.

12) Gangnam Style is still in the Top 10. Fair dues to Psy who released a terrible, catchy-ass song. It was always bound to be a hit. Everyone loves a laugh. Yet, this has now been a 15-week-long laugh. PLEASE STOP BUYING THIS SONG. Many thanks xx

13) Gabrielle Aplin. Quite a cute tune. But number 6? Surely that should’ve been where Emeli Sande should’ve been? Maybe Adele? I’d even accept Robbie at number 6. Anyone else more deservant of this spot? Yawn fest.

14) We all really loved Diamonds. RiRi’s first good song since…well for a while. It’s catchy and makes you sing along in a weird faux-Barbadian accent. Then the radios got a hold of it and it was OK’d for every single station on planet Earth. Heart, Magic, Kiss, Choice, 1extra, Heat… In fact it was so overplayed it died an ugly death. Or so everyone thought. It’s BACK at number 3… probably because the more mature listeners think it’s brand new. Any other suggestions for this annoying climb up the chart?

15) Bruno Mars at number 2, Olly Murs at 1 (for a second week running). I do love a bit of Olly, but Bruno is perfect. As is ‘Locked Out of Heaven’. Quick swapsies?

Now that’s 15 life-changing, pretty serious questions about this week’s chart. In short, a huge rant from me. How do you see the charts? Just right? Or all wrong? Comment below and subscribe or tweet me @sheldan2207

xx Peace xx

Get, Get, Get! In Line & Settle Down! No Doubt Are BACK!

18 Jul

Smokin’ hot Gwen Stefani is BACK with her No Doubt crew with a catchy new single, trippy video and their first album release for over a decade!

To watch the new video for ‘Settle Down’ follow this link:

>>>>>**** http://uk.eonline.com/news/330664/no-doubt-s-settle-down-video-premiere-watch-now ****<<<<<

Genuinely, I am dumbfounded at Gwen’s sheer resilience to ageing. Take this still from 2001 video to ‘Hey Baby’:

And then compare it to this present day pic from ‘Settle Down’:

There is no way to ever know that 11 years separates these two photos! The woman is astonishing. Especially when you take into consideration that in those 11 years off from No Doubt she took the pop industry by storm with her own solo career (releasing bangers such as Hollaback Girl, Wind It Up, Luxurious and What You Waitin’ For let alone collaborating with big names such as Akon on The Sweet Escape and Eve on Rich Girl), was named one of People magazine’s most beautiful people, lauched not one but TWO clothing ranges (L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers) and was titled Harper & Queen’s best dressed woman in 2005.

AND in amongst all of that craziness she managed to settle down herself with her husband (musician Gavin Rossdale) and have two gorgeous babies (Kingston and Zuma):

But, back to the music then and No Doubt, like I mentioned, are back in the biz; and what a re-entrance they’ve made with ‘Settle Down’. Classic reggae tone, catchy rifts and a trippy video where the band re-unite in character, the track has already been met with huge appraisal from top industry know-it-alls; Rolling Stone have Settle Down in their ‘New & Hot’ section on their online magazine ( http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/no-doubt-convoy-reconvenes-for-settle-down-20120717 ), Lady GaGa herself tweeted this, “@nodoubt single ‘Settle Down’ is out. I just bought it! Go get it it’s so good!” and according to Gwen the LA radio stations are really feeling this track too! On Twitter she wrote, “omg so much radio love for #settledown! @987LA @1043MYfm it’s like nonstop ear candy today!! gx”

So there we have it! Long-awaited, finally here! No Doubt’s brand new sounds! Roll on September, Push & Shove is going to explode onto the album charts!

Follow the band on Twitter for updates and info:






“Settle Down” is available to purchase on iTunes NOW!

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Twitter Hope For Young & Savvy

12 Jul

It’s not often I browse the Twittersphere and stumble upon emotions such as pride, ambition and maybe even a sense of relief?

As we all know, the world is in a bitterly cold place with regards to money matters, politicial feuds and unemployment woes. Young people have been written off mainly by writers who can’t see a way out for us, politicians who state that they are doing the best they can and more to help us out with no obvious result as yet and helpless parents who strive to give their children the best they can and still can’t afford to pay for us to go into higher education.

You know what I say to all of these people? Jump on Twitter! Jump on YouTube! So many people are sticking their middle fingers up to the mess, announcing they have a talent, have found a gap in the market, can produce their own product and market it online without any form of help. Young people are wising up to the economy and I’ve never felt more proud.

Most of us are NOT the lazy, no-good bums the media plays us out to be. We are lost little puppies left to fend for ourselves whilst the grown-ups try and figure out how to fix everything else (sad violin music inserted here please)!

Hop online now and you will see musicians writing, producing, marketing and selling albums, merchandise and their story online through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr.

Writers, such as myself, are e-publishing their own material, researching and discovering their own readership and branching out one step at a time.

Craftsmen are networking to advertise their designs whether they are for graphics, jewellery, mobile phone cases, organic clothing, bakery, paintings, homeware or cosmetics.

If you don’t believe me look at these examples below of all the people out there grabbing their business and running with it, spreading the word, making it viral;

Girl Meets Dress (@girlmeetsdress) – an online dress rental for those who can’t afford the designer price tags

L’zo (@Lzoartist) – in his own words; “North London rapper on the come up, trying to use Twitter to network within the industry”

BiJouled Glitzy Bitz (@BijouledShoes) – a service that offers crystal heels and self-designed phone cases

Lil Mai Sparkles (@LilMaiSparkles) – customises phone covers and sells jewellery

Daisy Does Jewellery (@DaisyDoesUK) – hand-makes and sells her own jewellery

Tink Couture (@custompixie) – custom phone cases, unique handmade bikinis and jewellery

Ami Diabetic (@amidiabetic) – help, news and forums for Diabetics around the world

These are just a few hand-picked examples from people I follow but you get the picture. UK chart-topping grime artist Wiley is a top believer in networking your way to success as he tweeted this yesterday, “I need a break from Twitter but it’s so hard to stay off here……this is my viral marketing place…”

Another ‘overnight success’ is Justin Bieber who famously uploaded his material on YouTube and got ‘discovered’ by Usher! Carly Rae Jepson was then ‘discovered’ by Bieber!

This is all the hope I need. Sometimes writing can be a lonely business which makes me doubt myself a hell of a lot. But it’s realisations like this one that give me a slither of hope as I try and break this new industry one tiny step at a time. My mother has a fab motto in business: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

Never a wiser word said (but don’t tell her I admit that)! Any of you who have an idea, or a small thought of ‘I wonder if I could…’ JUST GO FOR IT! What can you lose at this time? You don’t have to give up your day job, it’s something you’re going to experiment with. Jump off the board, dive in. Who knows where it will take you in the end?

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