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Woman of the Week: Dita Von Teese

3 Jul

I was researching for this blog post about half an hour ago when I stumbled across something I hadn’t seen before. Originally, I was going to feature Christina Aguilera as my latest girl crush, but all of that changed when I clicked on this link:

Dita Von Teese – Guy What Takes His Time

I dare you to watch it. Better yet, I dare you to watch it without being encompassed by her beauty. Watch it without being mesmerised by her flawless make-up, her tiny waist and seriously sexy presence.

Dita Von Teese has been in the business since 1992 and is the biggest thing to hit the scene since Gypsy Rose Lee back in the 40s and 50s.


The more I learn about Ms. Teese the more I idolise her. Having taken her fascination with pin-up imagery and vintage lingerie and turned it into a world-renowned talent is impressive in itself – but now having brought burlesque back into the spotlight and making millions off the back of it, she is now entertainment of choice for high-brow events such as shows for Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, Cartier and Louis Vuitton.

dita red carpet

Currently in the midst of her ‘Strip Strip Hooray’ Summer tour in America, Dita’s perfect performances leave me wide-eyed and open-mouthed. You will often hear me say how there are certain women in the world that force me to question my sexuality – Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have all left me in a similar quandary before – however there is no question when I watch Dita. She is the official girl crush.

The way she unties her corset to the beat, or rolls her stocking off within a blow of the sax, or how she catches you looking a little too closely – her stage presence is one of a kind. I can’t even take my bra off in a rush of an evening…


Off-stage, Dita comes across refreshingly humble. In an interview on ‘Loose Women’ in the UK she told host Andrea McLean that she does all her own hair and make-up and doesn’t even have a stylist:

dita loose women

“I have no stylist, I don’t use hair and make-up people, I don’t like to have an entourage at all.

When I was little I used to watch a lot of old movies with my mother…I come from a small town in Michigan and I’m a natural blonde. I always felt ordinary and boring.

I kind of like this idea of the big Hollywood make-over and I saw pictures of Marilyn Monroe when she was Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe’s real name) but it’s totally different when they did all the make-up and the hair and the clothes…I like the idea of creating glamour.”

A girl after my own heart! There’s nothing like wearing a look differently than everybody else – it gives you a warm mix of confidence and anxiety, especially when you live in a small town where the rest of the community prefer the everyday comfort of leggings and jeans!


A certified home-grown talent, businesswomen, charity advocate and down-to-earth girl: Do I need anymore reasons to fall in love with the woman?! Here’s hoping she’ll come and perform in the UK soon!

dita performs

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Magic Mike – An Overdue Review

14 Jul

When the opening scenes contain a butt-naked Channing Tatum and Olivia Munn you know this film is going to live up to your fantasies:

But nudity aside, I couldn’t help but feel the efforts put into this movie mainly focused on the choreography, music and costumes! Lacking what could’ve been quite an interesting insight into Tatum’s life before fame, the plot didn’t really thicken at any point and without the brief love interests throughout the film would’ve been 110 minutes of naughty dancing and wild drug-fuelled party footage (I’m not complaining though!).

The main story of the movie is based around the extremely sexy Michael Lane (Tatum) who works as a roofer in the day, as a male stripper at night and dreams of becoming a famous furniture designer. Discovering scruffy Adam (Alex Pettyfer) on the roof-site one day Mike introduces him to the ‘crazy club’ as The Kid when they accidentally meet up outside the club one evening. A bond is instantly connected between the team and soon enough they become kings of the Tampa strip-joint cashing in thousands of dollars every single weekend – but Mike wants more. The ageing sleaze-pot who owns the club (Matthew McConaughey) promises him big equity in the move to Miami but never confirms just how much until it’s too late.

When Adam’s sister (played by Cody Horn, the stand-out actor in this flick for me) can’t get hold of her off-the-rails brother one night she finds him collapsed, only half-alive at Mike’s pad after a crazy pill-infested night out.

Holding a secret flame for Adam’s sister he is devastated that he has broken his promise to her that he would take care of him from the start. He sees his life for what it really is through her eyes and makes some devastating decisions to get the girl, the dream and a comfortable, settled life – minus the stripping.

My best friend and I went to see this movie as part of a girly night out complete with dinner and drinks beforehand. This is the sort of situation the movie suits – it’s not for the film buffs expecting first-class acting, award-winning plots and a huge thought-provoking ending. Sexy men for all ages, Channing Tatum professionally gyrating on stage like he’s done it before (obviously) and a slight romantic edge too. What more can a woman ask for?

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