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Kourtney Kardashian: Fashion Profile

11 Jul

Kourtney Kardashian has recently been awarded ‘Fashion Icon’ status from the Fashion Bloggers of the Twittersphere and it’s clear to see why. Her style overhaul since having her babies, Mason Dash and Penelope Scotland, has a touch of boho mixed with tailored luxe.

One of my all-time favourite Kourtney looks is this summery ensemble:


Shopping around on Stylight I have managed to find an up-to-date version of this look! Check it out, I would DIE if I could shop this whole look:

kk 1

Hugo Boss Tunic

Odd Molly Shorts

Jeffrey Campbell High Heeled Sandals

Dolce & Gabbana Purse

Nina Ricci Glasses

Marc Jacobs Cuff

What a designer overload! But what a dream outfit! Stylight is my new obsession – it has everything you wish you had that you’ve seen on your fave celebs and then shows you where to get it! Knowing how much it all is may give you goosebumps at first but at least you know how much to save up! Plus, if you’re in no position to be having a gander at £800 purses then don’t fret – there are more promising brands on there too, such as AX Paris, TFNC and Vero Moda.

So, do what I just did…stare lovingly at the Fendi bag and Prada Glasses then shop at AX Paris! All shopping fixes are fixed!

Head over to Stylight now – CLICK HERE




Woman of the Week: Dita Von Teese

3 Jul

I was researching for this blog post about half an hour ago when I stumbled across something I hadn’t seen before. Originally, I was going to feature Christina Aguilera as my latest girl crush, but all of that changed when I clicked on this link:

Dita Von Teese – Guy What Takes His Time

I dare you to watch it. Better yet, I dare you to watch it without being encompassed by her beauty. Watch it without being mesmerised by her flawless make-up, her tiny waist and seriously sexy presence.

Dita Von Teese has been in the business since 1992 and is the biggest thing to hit the scene since Gypsy Rose Lee back in the 40s and 50s.


The more I learn about Ms. Teese the more I idolise her. Having taken her fascination with pin-up imagery and vintage lingerie and turned it into a world-renowned talent is impressive in itself – but now having brought burlesque back into the spotlight and making millions off the back of it, she is now entertainment of choice for high-brow events such as shows for Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, Cartier and Louis Vuitton.

dita red carpet

Currently in the midst of her ‘Strip Strip Hooray’ Summer tour in America, Dita’s perfect performances leave me wide-eyed and open-mouthed. You will often hear me say how there are certain women in the world that force me to question my sexuality – Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have all left me in a similar quandary before – however there is no question when I watch Dita. She is the official girl crush.

The way she unties her corset to the beat, or rolls her stocking off within a blow of the sax, or how she catches you looking a little too closely – her stage presence is one of a kind. I can’t even take my bra off in a rush of an evening…


Off-stage, Dita comes across refreshingly humble. In an interview on ‘Loose Women’ in the UK she told host Andrea McLean that she does all her own hair and make-up and doesn’t even have a stylist:

dita loose women

“I have no stylist, I don’t use hair and make-up people, I don’t like to have an entourage at all.

When I was little I used to watch a lot of old movies with my mother…I come from a small town in Michigan and I’m a natural blonde. I always felt ordinary and boring.

I kind of like this idea of the big Hollywood make-over and I saw pictures of Marilyn Monroe when she was Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe’s real name) but it’s totally different when they did all the make-up and the hair and the clothes…I like the idea of creating glamour.”

A girl after my own heart! There’s nothing like wearing a look differently than everybody else – it gives you a warm mix of confidence and anxiety, especially when you live in a small town where the rest of the community prefer the everyday comfort of leggings and jeans!


A certified home-grown talent, businesswomen, charity advocate and down-to-earth girl: Do I need anymore reasons to fall in love with the woman?! Here’s hoping she’ll come and perform in the UK soon!

dita performs

Other Dita Links:

Dita Von Teese Official Boutique – CLICK HERE

Official Biography – CLICK HERE

Dita Von Teese Merchandise Available in the UK – CLICK HERE

Photo Sources:


Just Jared

Pop Screen



Love From Misbehave – The New ‘It’ Shop

26 Jun

There’s nothing I enjoy more than online shopping from a website that has price tags from £2.50. Put together the fact that you can totally steal Miley Cyrus’ style for under £ and you will find that Love From Misbehave is quite clearly the only place to go for your accessories these days!

feline meow tee

Féline Meow Tee – £12.00


ear cuff

Skull Ear Cuff – £3


spike necklace

Spike Necklace -£3.00



Croc Ring – £1.50 & Cylinder Ring -£3.00



Miley’s Edgy Grunge Look for 2013! All for under £25!? You really can’t go wrong! And if you’re heading abroad this year, or even heading out in style for festival season, here are some others from my Love From Misbehave Lust List:

lust list

Colour Shock Ring – £2.00 / Masquerade Necklace – £4.00 / Black Geo Studs – £3.50 / Lip Studs £2.00 / Spike Headchain – £3.00 / Skull Brooch £3.50

Shop Online with the links above or go straight to the homepage – JUST CLICK HERE

Who knew such on-trend bargains existed in this world?!



Miley Cyrus Photo Sources:

The Women StyleGrazia Daily / heroeswallpapers.com / Globedia


The Art of Reduction

13 May

If there’s anything we are all no strangers to, it’s the struggle we face when trying to teach our elders how to use a computer, an iPod or the TV remote control, but what if we went back in time ourselves to learn how to relax?

The art of relaxing doesn’t come freely these days; it’s all high-tech and shiny, expensive and complicated. The idea of going for a stroll in the park might as well be copyrighted to Skechers and to read an actual book would be unthinkable if it meant the Kindle edition wasn’t available. Must everything be an upgrade of what it was? Not according to Georgia Barney, a teenage sketch artist who prefers far less aggro in her down time.

Georgia explains: “I sit up at the table for up to three hours at a time with a clear space around me, with the radio on low in the background.”

Having just turned 16 years old in April, Georgia proves a refreshing example of how simple life can be:

“In that time (up at the table) I focus on one thing and block all other problems out and just relax – I won’t stop until I’m completely satisfied with my drawing. Only then will I return back to reality!”

She continues, “It’s kind of unusual; I don’t know many people who draw anymore as you can ‘paint’ and ‘draw’ when using all of today’s technology! Personally, I don’t think it gives the same effect as putting pencil to paper.”

We asked Georgia to show us her favourite three drawings and to tell us what inspired her to finish each one. Even her reasoning is short and sweet:


“I spent the day with my Dad fishing. I used multi-colours to represent the emotions of our relationship.”


“This drawing represents new experiences and new life. I’ve never been pregnant but my life has dramatically changed and I still do not know what will happen in my next chapters.”


“My Great Nan died in 2010. She was a beautiful lady and she always wore red lipstick which matches the roses.”

Taking time for you is a rarity in today’s daily chaos but we all know it’s vital for our health and sanity. The words ‘recession’ and ‘stress’ are so over-used they are almost unrecognisable, so why bother making such a fuss? When was the last time you pursued an activity purely for the sheer enjoyment of just doing it? Vintage hobbies are back and not a day too soon.

Top 5 Vocal Performances of the Moment

18 Apr

Some of my favourite songs of all time are usually ‘featuring’ a vocalist over the top of a killer beat, sexy strings or sultry melodies. My love for tracks with vocal performances from artists I haven’t previously heard of before has reached a new peak as my Top 5 favourite songs right now have me discovering some amazing new talent – all female, all young and fresh and about to set the game on fire!

5) Siobhan Leyden on Suburb by Static Noises

Research for this lady proved to be somewhat difficult as not only is she unsigned – she seems to be brand new to the scene! Her vocals on Suburb – a track about how suburban life can be a repetitive bore – has the piercing delivery of a Disney pop princess tinged with a London urgency complimenting the edgy vibe of the track.

Her other tracks uploaded onto her MySpace page (assuming I have the right girl!) have a pitch-perfect country-cool twang to them giving me hope that we will be hearing more from this girl very soon!

Siobhan Leyden on MySpace 

Static Noises ft. Siobhan Leyden – Suburb

static noises

4) Maiday on Fade by Jakwob

  Every time I listen to this song it transforms me into a distant daydreamer. Maiday’s resolute lyrical sadness brings home a haunting vocal that delivers drama with an ethereal twist.

So I should have already heard of her already before! Her resume is impressive.

Other tracks you may know are ‘Don’t Go’ (Wretch 32 ft. Josh Kumra) – which she co-wrote and produced – and ‘Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me’ (Girls Aloud) – which she wrote herself.

Her new video ‘Breathe’ is simply excellent: Relatable with anyone up against it needing a little shove to get life going again and to anyone who wants to appreciate a simply genius sound with genuinely heartfelt lyrics.

Maiday on Facebook

Jakwob ft. Maiday – Fade

Maiday Official

3) Sasha Keable on Only For Tonight by DJ Zinc

Sasha’s vocal on this track really gets me going for the weekend! Team her flirty voice with her cheeky smile in the vid and you’re onto a winner. I can’t get enough of this tune and I may also have a slight obsession with Sasha’s style also!

If you get a chance today – a chance or a moment where you want to sit back and chill out for a minute or three – take a listen to her track Sunday Amané. You can find it by clicking the Soundcloud link below. I promise it will be worth it – it’s stunning!

Judging by the posts on her Tumblr it seems she’s been stateside recording new material and chillin’ with the likes of Tinie Tempah so can’t wait to hear what’s next for her!

Sasha on Soundcloud

Zinc ft. Sasha Keable – Only For Tonight

Sasha on Tumblr

sasha keable

2) Ella Eyre on Waiting All Night by Rudimental

Emotive, seductive and full of purpose – Ella’s vocal gave me Goosebumps the very first time I heard this song. I didn’t need to hear it over and over to learn to love it – the song was instantly mine.

I didn’t think Rudimental could get any better after ‘Feel The Love’ and ‘Not Giving In’ but they recruited Ella and let loose ‘Waiting All Night’ – if the radio edit got you thinking she’s good you NEED to hear the Radio 1 Live Lounge version (link below)! Her vocal doesn’t waiver and if anything her live performance enhances her sensational, sultry voice. If you’re watching the link below someone commented on the vid saying, “I love Ella’s fire and raw’ness when performing also her sultry raspy voice is sumthn real sexy” – it sort of sums it up really!

Ella on Twitter

Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night

Ella Eyre Official


1) A*M*E on ‘Need U (100%) by Duke Dumont

When A*M*E & Duke Dumont went to Number 1 in the UK Charts a couple of weeks ago it was clear it meant so much to her and listening to her interviews I feel we have a massive star in the making here!

Need U is such a huge tune with a lot of the focus on A*M*E’s fierce vocals! When the music is that good and the verses are that catchy there’s no holding back!

Her next track Heartless is out in June and I already have it on loop on Soundcloud! Click the link below to listen now! Massive sounds for the next big star!

A*M*E Official

Duke Dumont ft. A*M*E – Need U (100%)

A*M*E – Heartless (MNEK Remix)


Photo Sources






England v Montenegro, Second Half – A Female Commentary

26 Mar

Welcome back Football Fiends. I am currently still without hot chocolate as half time ended a lot sooner than anticipated.

Blue and pink boots with red socks – hokayyyy…all that money and that’s what is happening right now.

We’re off and rockin’…do they change into nice new, clean, crisp kits in half time? Like Lee Evans has to change suits in his intervals through fear of drowning in his own sweat?!

Johnson must be careful as he is on a yellow card? Didn’t see that happen :/

OMG I THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOAL AND IT WASN’T FUCK ME..Aww bless Joe Hart going for it full steam…

What the FUCK is wrong with the Montenegro fans??? Toilet roll now? Get a grip you utter hooligans.

The red team have clearly had a shot of red bull or something coz they’re on one the little devils. I haven’t seen a red player that could even remotely pass as a looker. Mind you, who on the England team can honestly say they are bangable without the money?? Debatable. I’ll come back to this.

“First touch has gotta be good” << Yes commentator man. I know your wife is happy.

"Rooney trying to link up with Welbeck" << Good luck to them

Big red kick. They are 100% going to score and win. England are blatantly lacking in this half I reckon. << Semi-profesh comment

Ashley Cole – now there's a c***

Oooft red header towards the goal. LOL I'm actually into it. GO JOE! You bash that ball away babe!
His quiff is still on point.

Major skid marks for Milner. I'm so irritated by his ability to ruin such a white outfit.
Rootavic, Nonavic…SO CLOSE…Nope. Stand down.

White man launches himself into red man. Game stops and white man looks annoyed? NO. MOVE ON.
Reds definitely on one – it's all such a clusterfuck this half. Rachel Zoe would be having clusterfuck-palpitations.

Dudavic down. It's not as funny as when Cole falls but it's always fun to see a bearded man stumble – a man with a beard has to be very comfortable with themselves so I imagine when they fall they just want to kick themselves.

RED LAUNCH, RED LAUNCH… ends up without ball yet flat on his back. So not worth it dude.

Miles Krktok is in my favourite number – 22. GO MILES! Although, Kim K has an ex called Miles and really my loyalties are with her.

Gerrard kicks it in and it's stolen immediately by the reds! Storming the wrong way down the pitch… OFF!

ROONEY YOU FUGLY, OVERPAID FOOL. He missed what seemed to be a lovely free kick op for the white team (us). << Semi-profesh comment

Johnson has a shoulder skid mark – how did that happen? He seems to be playing a secret game by himself.

"When you're in that box you can't get too tight" << Corr blimey!

I want someone new to come on – these lot are the most sour faced, boring millionaires ever. Every footstep must earn them at least £10,000, they could at least look like they're having fun. Minimum.

Joe Hart is really good. He's saved a few stonking efforts from the red team.
Gerrard's corner – oh no RedManavic's corner. Yellow boots and red socks this time – we have a pansy-based delay from a mischievous Savic squirming on the floor for no apparent reason.
Ahhhhh and THE REDS SCORE!!!! Seems legit.

There seems to be a fire in the crowd – they are fucking crazy.

Hello Ashley Young welcome to the fun house where we have flares smoking the place out and Montenegro fans (and staff!!) losing their actual minds.
Surely health and safety rules out the use of open flames in a tightly packed crowd such as this. Fiends.

Roy the pigeon man looks as despondent as Victoria Beckham on stage with the Spice Girls. I wonder how much his suit is worth.

What we got now? Oh 7 minutes to go. If I were the ref I'd accidentally on purpose put the clock forward a couple of minutes. The growling hoodlums are becoming alarming.

Bearded man against the perfectly groomed Joe Hart………..OVER THE BAR! Fail to the bearded man. Walk away bearded man, walk away.

Not much action from my Theo today 😦 << OH THAT'S BECAUSE HE'S INJURED! LOL Wondered where my little petal is. Swear he was on earlier.

"Ashley Cole makes a bold run down the centre…and all for nothing" << Spanner


Ashley Young did a lot didn't he…NAAATTT. There must be someone else new to bring on and liven up this partay.
Ooooft Gerrard just kicked the ball towards the goal and gave the commentator a semi. He missed though. Never mind we've all been there.

3 Minutes extra time – give it the fuck up. Milner just totally tied his legs around the ball and rolled along the line. Fairly amusing.

I can't stand it anymore. I want my hot choc, hot water bottle and a cuddle. I feel like I've produced testosterone watching this match. Lad points. Wonder if my boyfriend will buy me dinner Friday night because of this good deed?!

England v Montenegro, First Half – A Female Commentary

26 Mar

First of all, let me say that I have no idea who’s on the teams but England are in a dashingly bright shade of white and Montenegro have opted for a rather brash red.

Montenegro’s national anthem gets me all rialled up and feeling aggressive. Very bulshy.

Ashley Cole – now there is a Twat and a half – oh wait he did nothing. Hmm..

“Came within inches of capitalising” What’s this? We just missed bro. Close though. Bravo..? <<< Rhymes

Big kick from Joe Hart.

Danny Welbeck just did the LAMEST attempt at a kick thing ever!! I even noticed.
8 degrees warmer than home in Montenegro and they still don't look amused!

Wayne Rooney pulling atrocious faces whilst Gerrard litter picks. I've lost the ball and the plot of the game…wait a moment…
Between the two of them they've both managed to team up and score LOL thanks guys…love being made to look foolish.
Guy banging the drum in the crowd has upped his merry tempo.

"Can England build on that fabulous start" Imagine being this commentators wife. "Marvellous BJ babe…can you build on this amazing start"
I've gone off subject again. You all wondered what happens in a woman's brain through a football match…No filter.

Let me resume concentration. Ooft that red kit clashes so heavily with the green pitch my eyes are bleeding.
With regards to the game I'm feeling bored. I think it's because the managers look bored and the players look like they wish they were back at their 6* pads fucking carefully selected, high end girls. Maybe. Probably (and other words that make this sentence legal or whatever…)

That fucking drum!!!!! Kill him.

"Give a fork about your pork" << How much was the person who came up with this slogan paid? Amazing slogan.

"Rooney has a free head" I imagine he does indeed, I can't imagine that granny-tute paying for it on her pension. Bet she wasn't as cheap as she looked, though.

The Montenegro fans are bouncing. Why are they so happy? They're losing?

Lescott's head is a thing of pure class. I reckon there's a Twitter account out there just for his forehead and if there isn't there should be. I see a waterfall of a bead on when I look at Lescott…

THEO WALCOTT IS MY LOVE! Such a cute little face for such a quick, sneaky little runner. Can definitely do better than Melanie Slade but it seems legit enough.

Wait, Joe is about to do his mega kick…BOOM..howww the fuckkkk can it go that far?! I want to try that and see how far I can get the ball. It should be a thing that if you get it so far you can legitimately put it on your CV as a skill.

Boschovic (that's a spelling guess) just threw the ball almost as far. Strong guy.

Rooney, Cleverley, Rooney, Welbeck…oh fail.

We are now having an off-side mare.

Back to Danny Welbeck and he's done something else wrong! What's this guy's deal – if someone who has no clue about football can see he's pants then surely I should get some of his wages??

LOL Ashley Cole fell. Bet Cheryl laughs every time she sees that douche-packet fall down.

It's all gone a bit boring. Cleverley, Rooney, Milner, Gerrard, Milner, Gerrard, BLOCKED. Come the fuck on.

Right we've moved up. Good header away, Saweratwic, Gootnavic… (again spelling guesses)…Big goal kick BOOM!
Aggressive throwing of what seems to be plastic cups from the home fans. Get over it or we'll send Danny Dyer over to sort you all out…Oh wait…carry on.
To think Danny Dyer used to get women all hot under the collar until we realised he was just a pansy boy (probably) on coke. He definitely cries at Titanic.

Ruchavic, Nobacovic, Savic, Luchavic, Sanwich, Speratic…OUT!!! Oh no it's not HA! Errm… Guptavic, Left foot on inside, Speratic,

TERRIFIC BALL FROM WELBECK APPARENTLY!! Redemption?? Almost, maybe…"constant thorn in the opponent's side" apparently…Jury's out on Welbeck it seems, bless him.

Corner kick. Brace yourselves coz it's the wrong side of the pitch to be beneficial for England << that almost sounded profesh.

My hot chocolate is finished. Sad times.
Carrick, Cleverley, Johnson…Johnson??? Who's this?
Carrick to Cleverley…Gerrard, Seeking Welbeck…OFF! Grrrrrr Welbeck is where it always ends. Boring bastard.
Rooney, Johnson, Gerrard, Rooney, Gerrard, looking for Cole but got Suraric. Fail.
Cleverley Rooney, Cole, delicate pass, Rooney, Gerrard, half excited commentator, Carrick…

"England need another goal" <<< No shit Sherlock.

5 minutes left of this half. I'm exhausted. LOL Joe Hart's little quiff is adorable – I need to know what gel is withstanding those sweat levels.

Savic, down he goes, YELLOW CARD FOR WELBECK THE FUCKING HAIRY OAF and a free bastard kick for the red team (not us).
Bit of a clusterfuck down the red team's end, still looking clustered… "England come away".

Slow mo replays reveal so much more agg. I HATE when payers stroll up to the ref for a devious little hug and a Chinese whisper – blatant cheating that people ignore.

Head injury. This means I'm going to have to wait longer to get another hot chocolate (Options Go Bananas, only 38 calories per cup).

1 Minute to go!! Carrick to Cole, Oopsnavic…chequred flag pointing left, man with beard, whistle…DONE!!

See you in the second half!

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