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Back in Business

3 Jan

Readers, fellow bloggers, people of the net – we are 3 days in to 2014 and I’m still without a calendar, own no diary and ate a whole pack of cookies before my chicken and chips tonight.

My hopes and aspirations for this year are supposed to be to grow up. I’m going to learn to cook a few healthy meals, dabble with a bit of box room interior design and I may even begin that novel I’ve been scribbling in notes since last Summer!

To be able to achieve all of the above I am in need of three very important factors:

1) Inspiration: – Excuse the boring old cliché but it’s true. On those days when willpower just isn’t enough to kick you into gear you need something (or someone) to remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. SO..What exactly is my inspiration? Or who..?

This is my 2014 mood board – in all of it’s hope and glory! From Vegas to a new bedroom to my boo Bey…this year is the year I get my shit together.


2) Plans: – Keeping busy is the key to a happy life. Some people keep on the ‘No New Friends’ path but I’m not about that hermit life anymore. This year will be my busiest yet…

kim @ yeezus

3) #WERK: – Without working my arse off I won’t be able to do all the things I dream of doing to get my big-girl life set up! Hustle on!


What are your new years resolutions?! xoxo


Aluna Francis: Fashion Profile

1 Aug

When you hear Aluna Francis sing you are transported into a futuristic daze, chilling with the beat and hearing what she has to say.

Having read my blog yesterday on AlunaGeorge’s debut album, Body Music, on Your Desirables you already know that I’m obsessed with everything this band has to offer.

It doesn’t just stop with the music – Aluna’s personal style is something just as special. I hate the word quirky so will avidly avoid it – Aluna does effortlessly sexy sports chic like no other.

With a lean supermodel body she certainly dresses to work it: short hems, shorts and crops all show off impressively long limbs and a washboard stomach.

Aluna always looks confident and comfy yet super stylish and bang on trend without looking like she’s trying too hard!






I’ve had a little look around and here’s how you can steal Aluna’s style:

Denim Crop Top – Missguided


White Crop & Skirt Outfit – Nasty Gal


Sneakers – Isabel Marant


Blazers – Nike


Tassel Bodysuit – Amazon


Across Body Bag – River Island


What do you love about Aluna’s style? & have you bought the album yet?!


Beyoncé – Is She Or Isn’t She?!

20 May

For days now speculation about whether Queen Bey is expecting a sibling for Blue Ivy have been circulating media airwaves…

Fans have been going crazy for the rumours and E! News have even confirmed the singer’s possible pregnancy on their reputable celeb site stating:

Blue Ivy‘s gonna be a big sis!

That’s right: Superstar supermom Beyoncé is expecting her second child with hubby Jay-Z, multiple sources exclusively confirm to E! News.”

Although the rest of the world may be celebrating, there is one person not so chuffed about the revelation – Mummy Bey!

Taking to Instagram she posted this:

“I can’t stop the rumours from starting, and I can’t really change peoples minds who believe them.”

She went on to say:

 “All I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.”

So IS SHE?! Or ISN’T SHE?! She may not be thrilled at us all speculating and wondering about her impending bump but she also needs to remember she is EVERYTHING TO US!

Did I go overboard?!…Sorry…

What do you think? Is the Queen about to bring another addition to the Carter empire?! Tweet me @sheldan2207 or comment below! Be sure to subscribe for updates!



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Top 5 Vocal Performances of the Moment

18 Apr

Some of my favourite songs of all time are usually ‘featuring’ a vocalist over the top of a killer beat, sexy strings or sultry melodies. My love for tracks with vocal performances from artists I haven’t previously heard of before has reached a new peak as my Top 5 favourite songs right now have me discovering some amazing new talent – all female, all young and fresh and about to set the game on fire!

5) Siobhan Leyden on Suburb by Static Noises

Research for this lady proved to be somewhat difficult as not only is she unsigned – she seems to be brand new to the scene! Her vocals on Suburb – a track about how suburban life can be a repetitive bore – has the piercing delivery of a Disney pop princess tinged with a London urgency complimenting the edgy vibe of the track.

Her other tracks uploaded onto her MySpace page (assuming I have the right girl!) have a pitch-perfect country-cool twang to them giving me hope that we will be hearing more from this girl very soon!

Siobhan Leyden on MySpace 

Static Noises ft. Siobhan Leyden – Suburb

static noises

4) Maiday on Fade by Jakwob

  Every time I listen to this song it transforms me into a distant daydreamer. Maiday’s resolute lyrical sadness brings home a haunting vocal that delivers drama with an ethereal twist.

So I should have already heard of her already before! Her resume is impressive.

Other tracks you may know are ‘Don’t Go’ (Wretch 32 ft. Josh Kumra) – which she co-wrote and produced – and ‘Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me’ (Girls Aloud) – which she wrote herself.

Her new video ‘Breathe’ is simply excellent: Relatable with anyone up against it needing a little shove to get life going again and to anyone who wants to appreciate a simply genius sound with genuinely heartfelt lyrics.

Maiday on Facebook

Jakwob ft. Maiday – Fade

Maiday Official

3) Sasha Keable on Only For Tonight by DJ Zinc

Sasha’s vocal on this track really gets me going for the weekend! Team her flirty voice with her cheeky smile in the vid and you’re onto a winner. I can’t get enough of this tune and I may also have a slight obsession with Sasha’s style also!

If you get a chance today – a chance or a moment where you want to sit back and chill out for a minute or three – take a listen to her track Sunday Amané. You can find it by clicking the Soundcloud link below. I promise it will be worth it – it’s stunning!

Judging by the posts on her Tumblr it seems she’s been stateside recording new material and chillin’ with the likes of Tinie Tempah so can’t wait to hear what’s next for her!

Sasha on Soundcloud

Zinc ft. Sasha Keable – Only For Tonight

Sasha on Tumblr

sasha keable

2) Ella Eyre on Waiting All Night by Rudimental

Emotive, seductive and full of purpose – Ella’s vocal gave me Goosebumps the very first time I heard this song. I didn’t need to hear it over and over to learn to love it – the song was instantly mine.

I didn’t think Rudimental could get any better after ‘Feel The Love’ and ‘Not Giving In’ but they recruited Ella and let loose ‘Waiting All Night’ – if the radio edit got you thinking she’s good you NEED to hear the Radio 1 Live Lounge version (link below)! Her vocal doesn’t waiver and if anything her live performance enhances her sensational, sultry voice. If you’re watching the link below someone commented on the vid saying, “I love Ella’s fire and raw’ness when performing also her sultry raspy voice is sumthn real sexy” – it sort of sums it up really!

Ella on Twitter

Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night

Ella Eyre Official


1) A*M*E on ‘Need U (100%) by Duke Dumont

When A*M*E & Duke Dumont went to Number 1 in the UK Charts a couple of weeks ago it was clear it meant so much to her and listening to her interviews I feel we have a massive star in the making here!

Need U is such a huge tune with a lot of the focus on A*M*E’s fierce vocals! When the music is that good and the verses are that catchy there’s no holding back!

Her next track Heartless is out in June and I already have it on loop on Soundcloud! Click the link below to listen now! Massive sounds for the next big star!

A*M*E Official

Duke Dumont ft. A*M*E – Need U (100%)

A*M*E – Heartless (MNEK Remix)


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Xtina, Pink & Rihanna: Pop Music Is B A C K

4 Oct

I’ve been gone a LONGGG time!! And I am so sorry! My day job really is becoming a pain in the butt; I’m definitely putting in around 50 hours a week at the moment. All I really wana be doing is blogging!! So today is my first day off in 9 days and I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY!

First of all… C H R I S T I N A ♡

In the words of Rihanna, “Where have you been all my lii-ii-iife!” Well, not all my life, but the past god knows how long. I mean ‘Keeps Gettin’ Better’ was Ok but THIS…

Let me explain. 5 days ago, Christina released her sexy new song ‘Your Body’ with a filthy vid to match. In the vid she looks absolutely drop dead gorg and I just can’t deal with THAT seductive walk, in THAT bodycon dress and in THOSE killer heels. Serious popgasm right about now.

If you haven’t seen this vid, check out the saucy minx and follow this link to her official YouTube channel to watch it! THEN buy it from Itunes because we all want Christina back in the charts, right!?


Talking of smokin’ hot divas from yester-year back in the charts…

Pink’s new album (which is her sixth studio album – eek!) has topped the Billboard album chart in the US. How in God’s name is this her first number one album over there?! As the Kardashian’s would say, “Kray Kray!”

Pink’s track ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ is still in the Top 20 official UK chart at the moment at number 14 and her album is at number 3!

And, last but not least, the ever-transforming Rihanna. The music industry’s chameleon. ‘Diamonds’ is Ri-Ri’s brand new track and I’ve got to say, it may be one of her catchiest ever! I defy you to listen using the link below, then go the whole day without singing ‘shine bright like a diamond’! I dare ya!


Music insiders are pinning ‘Diamonds’ to be number one in the UK on Sunday after sales went through the roof as soon as Capital FM aired the first play on 26th September.

So this means Christina, Ri-Ri and Pink are back dominating our charts with delectable new pop tunes?

Where’s Britney at?!

xx Peace xx





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Chris Brown Sports New Tattoo Of Beaten Woman, Twittersphere Disgusted

11 Sep

After that mug shot was released of a broken, beaten Rihanna, the world was disgusted and shocked as news broke of Chris Brown’s attack on the 24-year-old Bajan babe.

I’m not sure when or why the world decided to forgive Brown but he is yet again facing a huge backlash over his new neck tattoo which you can see using this link:


What is he thinking????

Although he denies the face is that of his former flame, the design resembles similar injuries Rihanna suffered after Brown’s 2009 beating, including a bruised lip and a black eye.

The tattoo is in fact, according to Brown’s publicist, a MAC Cosmetics design celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Ok, Chris. Whatever you say honey. You’re not fooling’ no-one! Dawn Porter, writer, responded to the pic on twitter saying, “Seriously what IS that? On his neck, where everyone can see. Knowing what people know. ‘Random girl’ my pie!”

Simon Curtis, musician, also tweeted against Brown saying, “I think it might be time for the universe to click delete on Chris Brown.”

However singer and actress Skye Townsend wrote, “Chris Brown’s tattoo definitely looks like a MAC makeup template. People always want a juicier story.”

What do you think? Over-reacting? Or is the ink in bad taste? Do you like the tat and think Chris Brown needs to be given a break?

Get involved! The jury is out on this one…

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‘Wannabe’ Mel B Almost Ruins Spice Girls Olympic Chance?

22 Jul

For some reason the Spice Girls have been given the chance to perform at the Olympic ceremony. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, the whole thing is in jeopardy because one of the little devils is throwing bitch-fits and on a scale from Rizzle Kicks to Mariah Carey I’ve heard they’re off the scale!

Melanie Brown, or better known as Scary spice (ironic) has decided that she’s A-List enough to make pricey demands such as flying in her family and friends from all over the world, flying her stylist over and letting her trail behind her every step as well as allowing all said people backstage access to the concert!

Sorry babes, but last time I checked (just now) you still weren’t on the A-List. Try, maybe, E, F OR G-List? If you’re let in. The point is you were in The Spice Girls (same as the other four), had mild successes attempting a solo career then, erm, became a fitness fanatic, moved to America and got a reality show? In between, had some kids and married umpteen times. Whatever, I’m over the woman.

Fact is, even Victoria Beckham (who may as well OWN the A-List) knows how big of a deal this Olympic concert is, oppurtunity wise. After hubby David was snubbed in the GB footy team, Vic knows that this isn’t in the bag ’til it’s over!

So, my advice to Geri, Emma, Mel C and Victoria is quite simply this; DITCH THE DIVA BITCH!

Not sitting on the fence with this one, I’ve dived straight in. Spice Girls were the pioneers of the 90’s paving the way for all the pants girl bands that followed (B*Witched, Girls Aloud etc) and I don’t want them to go out like this! They will reign in Scary Spice, put her on a leash and smash this gig sending Girl Power all over the world as planned!

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