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Beyoncé – Is She Or Isn’t She?!

20 May

For days now speculation about whether Queen Bey is expecting a sibling for Blue Ivy have been circulating media airwaves…

Fans have been going crazy for the rumours and E! News have even confirmed the singer’s possible pregnancy on their reputable celeb site stating:

Blue Ivy‘s gonna be a big sis!

That’s right: Superstar supermom Beyoncé is expecting her second child with hubby Jay-Z, multiple sources exclusively confirm to E! News.”

Although the rest of the world may be celebrating, there is one person not so chuffed about the revelation – Mummy Bey!

Taking to Instagram she posted this:

“I can’t stop the rumours from starting, and I can’t really change peoples minds who believe them.”

She went on to say:

 “All I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.”

So IS SHE?! Or ISN’T SHE?! She may not be thrilled at us all speculating and wondering about her impending bump but she also needs to remember she is EVERYTHING TO US!

Did I go overboard?!…Sorry…

What do you think? Is the Queen about to bring another addition to the Carter empire?! Tweet me @sheldan2207 or comment below! Be sure to subscribe for updates!



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“It’s True!! Kanye & I Are Expecting A Baby”

2 Jan

Kongratulations, Kimye!


New Years Eve was a fabu day to be part of the K-Klan this year as the superstar finally confirmed her and Kanye West’s pregnancy on her website after the rapper blurted it out on stage in Atlanta.

To watch the video of Kanye’s stage tribute to Kim, CLICK HERE

Almost a year after Kourtney and Scott revealed they were expecting their baby girl, Penelope, Kim is now 12 weeks along with her own bundle of joy.

Of course, the Twittersphere responded almost immediately, including Kim’s mum, Kris Jenner who tweeted, “Oh BABY BABY BABY!!” ( @KrisJenner )

Her sisters were just as eager to jump on the Twitter-Wagon;

“Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!” – @KourtneyKardash

“KIMYE!!!!!” – @KhloeKardashian

“Whos excited about the KIMYE babbyyy?! 😀 weeee” – @KendallJenner

“Congrats to this beautiful couple. I love you guys” – @KylieJenner

After what has seemed a rollercoaster of a love life, Kim finally seems settled and after years of friendship her and Kanye are now set to start a family.

Opening up about the preganancy, Kim told ET Online “When people say that pregnancy is fun and they love it I would have to  disagree…”

She continued, “I heard it’s all worth it, so I’m looking forward to that…[Pregnancy is] about learning about your body, but I’ve felt really good.”

Read More – CLICK HERE

However good Kim may be feeling, fans may be disappointed to find out that she is NOT planning on giving birth in front of the cameras that usually documents her life for reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

The E! Network super-boss Suzanne Kolb may be trying to change that though, saying: “Like so many Kardashian fans, we love it when this close-knit family gets even bigger… We look forward to sharing the joy as they prepare for more diapers…and, without a doubt, more fabulous baby wear!”

With Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as parents, Mason and Penelope may have competition!


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Dawn Porter & Chris O’Dowd: Retro Kool

5 Nov

She’s often seen on our TV screens, he’s making quite a name for himself on the big screen and right now they are my newest celebrity obsession! Dawn Porter and Chris O’Dowd married in the summer of this year and fast became my second fave showbiz couple of all time (after Khloé and Lamar of course…).

Dawn is always someone I’ve looked up to (given that she made her name in the biz as a writer and journalist) but she’s always caught my eye at public appearances too. If it’s not her hair-do, it’s her dress, or her boots; everything she wears gives me a serious case of wardrobe-lust! Having got a little insight on ‘Show Me Your Wardrobe’ (addictive new show on Sky Living) I’m now fully committed to finding the perfect vintage piece for my own closet.

A lot of Dawn’s collection she found on Ebay (amaaaazing!) but others she found in shops like Tesco or online! So I thought I’d give it a go.

Discovering some wonderful online vintage clothing stores recently, this one is amongst my faves; www.candysays.co.uk. I have a particular eye for anything inspired by either the 20s or the 60s for a couple of different reasons;

Dresses like this 60s-style shift dress (from candysays.co.uk £55) will create just enough shape to feel comfortable and sexy and you will always find the most gorgeous shades of oranges, pinks, blues and greens to flatter most skin tones and occassions:




This turquoise dress is my ultimate find! £75:


For that elegant, vintage-Hollywood 20s look I came across www.leluxeclothing.com. This clothing site was actually responsible for some of the outfits worn in recent blockbuster, ‘The Artist’.

Now, although pricey and based in San Francisco, the site gives you plenty of inspiration of what to look for in a 20s dress:

What excites me about wearing vintage is the feeling of uniqueness that comes with the clothing. Dawn described it perfectly on ‘Show Me Your Wardrobe’; “I don’t go to Fashion Week because I don’t want the fashion industry to tell me that what I’m wearing isn’t cool.”

Obsessed with Dawn Porter because:

1) She’s successful in all businesses I aspire to succeed in myself (ahhhh!)

2) She’s Queen Vintage and always looks perf (ahhhhhh!)

3) Her dog is called Potato (LOL)

What about Chris??

I first noticed him in the film ‘The Boat That Rocked’ wayyyy back in 2009 and actually, if I’m honest, found him the best thing about the whole film (it wasn’t a cracker!). But then it wasn’t until Bridesmaids last year that I noticed him again… in his little officer’s suit…

And in his own gawky, Irish way, he became one of my fave actors (some people say I’m far too easily pleased…)

Currently starring in Sky One’s ‘Moone Boy’ (and doing a particuarly fab job of it according to the reviews I’ve read/heard!) and also in new movie ‘The Sapphires’ I think this is one cheeky chappy we won’t me missing anytime soon.


What do you think? Seriously cool couple?!


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What The Hell R-Pattz?!

17 Sep

R-Pattz has forgiven K-Stew and all is dandy and fluffy and perfect now as they move back in and continue to look gorgeous together.


If my boyfriend caught me slipping with a married guy (who’s also my one-time boss) with hard photographic evidence ALL WOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN!

But according to The Sun newspaper today, all is well! A source said, “they pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other.” After Kristen, 22, was caught smooching with film director Rupert Sanders, 41, I honestly thought that would be the end for the Twilight couple. I demand intimate details of what she’s done to fight her way back into Pattinson’s arms! Maybe not that intimate but she must be one smooth talker!

The source also told the newspaper that “after a lot of tearful talks, they’ve worked it out. Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her. They really do love each other.”

Not only has Rob forgiven Kristen, they’ve just moved back in together, opting for a more private house tucked away in an LA compound (which they now share with super-duper-stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt).

Good for them. I’m sure everything will be A-Ok for them now all is forgiven. Isn’t there a saying though? People forgive but never forget? I reckon she still has major brownie points to score!

Whilst we are on the subject of Kristen Stewart… can someone tell me if dresses get anymore perfect than THIS?!

Obviously wanting to look as sexy as possible for her first red carpet appearance since the love-cheat scandal, Kristen wore this Zuhair Murad dress at the Toronto Film Festival and looked S T U N N I N G.

What perfects this look for me is the minimalist hair and make-up choice which showcases her enchanting green eyes to their fullest; although I’m not too taken with her lip colour. The combination is just magic.

So she’s made a mistake (which at 22-years-old and peaking career-wise, is fairly understandable) and is moving on. As Karl Lagerfeld recently said to Victoria Beckham in response to her hubby’s newest love-cheat stories, ‘If you have no scandal, you are a nobody’!

Team K-Stew!

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Chris Brown Sports New Tattoo Of Beaten Woman, Twittersphere Disgusted

11 Sep

After that mug shot was released of a broken, beaten Rihanna, the world was disgusted and shocked as news broke of Chris Brown’s attack on the 24-year-old Bajan babe.

I’m not sure when or why the world decided to forgive Brown but he is yet again facing a huge backlash over his new neck tattoo which you can see using this link:


What is he thinking????

Although he denies the face is that of his former flame, the design resembles similar injuries Rihanna suffered after Brown’s 2009 beating, including a bruised lip and a black eye.

The tattoo is in fact, according to Brown’s publicist, a MAC Cosmetics design celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Ok, Chris. Whatever you say honey. You’re not fooling’ no-one! Dawn Porter, writer, responded to the pic on twitter saying, “Seriously what IS that? On his neck, where everyone can see. Knowing what people know. ‘Random girl’ my pie!”

Simon Curtis, musician, also tweeted against Brown saying, “I think it might be time for the universe to click delete on Chris Brown.”

However singer and actress Skye Townsend wrote, “Chris Brown’s tattoo definitely looks like a MAC makeup template. People always want a juicier story.”

What do you think? Over-reacting? Or is the ink in bad taste? Do you like the tat and think Chris Brown needs to be given a break?

Get involved! The jury is out on this one…

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Guess Who’s Pregnant?!!

30 Aug

Remember this trio of bubbly, blonde playmates?

Well one of them has just gone and announced she’s 12 weeks pregnant! As we all know Kendra (far left) has hubby Hank and 2-year-old Baby Hank keeping her on her toes right now and no-one has any idea what Bridget (far right) is doing these days so if you do the math there is only one obvious answer!

That’s right folks;

Holly Madison Is Pregnant!

Expecting her first child with boyfriend of nine months Pasquale Rotella, Holly says “I’ve been lucky! No morning sickness but I do get a little nauseous.” Talking to US Weekly she continued, “It happens before my show, so I keep ginger ale backstage.”

According to BusinessWeek.com, Rotella released a statement on Wednesday proving how thrilled he was at the news saying, “Holly and I are so excited to announce that we are going to be parents. We’re in love and counting down the days until we meet our beautiful baby. I can hardly believe how lucky I am.”

So just who the hell is this guy? Holly has been dating him for nine months now so let’s get the low down on this mystery man:

Pasquale Rotella – 38-years-old – CEO of Insomniac Events &…facing prison on bribery charges??

According to the Daily Mail he indeed faces a possible sentence of 13-years for bribery and embezzlement. Currently released on a $1.2Million bail but faces time behind bars if charged guilty when he is back in court in September!

His lawyer, Gary Kaufman, had this to say; “(the charges are) clearly politically motivated and publicity driven.’

The jury’s out on this one! But all I really care about is Holly and her cute little bump-to-be…

Celeb-baby watch starts today!


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Fox India; Take THAT For A Name!

26 Jul

Even more congratulations are due today as Take That’s Mark Owen and wife Emma Ferguson have just welcomed their baby daughter into the world and have christened her Fox India.

Weighing 7lb and 1oz little Fox India came into world Tuesday morning at 7.45am.

Mark and Emma (who are also parents to 3-year-old Elwood and  1-year-old Willow Rose) revealed the pregnancy when Emma was already 6 months along which isn’t surprising considering the media coverage that surrounded the couple directly before.

Mark was forced to admit to a string of affairs that placed his marriage and family-life under extreme pressure at the time.

As you know I am NOT a fan of such cheating ways but AM a fan of L.O.V.E so am very happy for the couple who’ve clearly worked extremely hard at their relationship and have mended any broken strings thus proving they are Back For Good!

India Fox won’t be the only addition to the Take That brood, though! Robbie Williams and new wife Ayda Field are expecting their first child in August and Gary Barlow’s wife, Dawn, is due around the same time!

The next generation of Take That are soon to Rule The World!

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