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Kan Khloé Kope?

12 Aug

It’s unlike me to stay on the fence on any subject; I nearly always have an opinion and since I’m a typical Gemini, my opinion is the only one that counts! 🙂

So, why am I so undecided on the KhloMar cheating scandal?

It has been reported for weeks now that Lamar Odom has cheated on his wifey for lifey, Khloe Kardashian with two different mistresses.


I began dismissing the stories as ridiculous hate mail as most of the couple’s fans did – putting it down to malicious claims from desperate hoes who need money and to claim their five minutes in the tabloid spotlight. Then, having heard one was a lawyer and actually sat a polygraph lie detector test to prove she slept with Lamar, I decided to sit up and consider this for a second – just in case.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Khloe and Lamar (the couple’s reality show on E! Entertainment) you will know how compatible the two are. Khloe is so down for her man and has always made it no secret that he comes before work commitments, family and friends. On the other hand, Lamar consistently supported his wife when times were tough (Khloe has struggled with the pressures of conceiving and also with her body confidence in the past) and maintained a level-headed attitude towards the pair’s marriage.




According to the reports Lamar was staying at the Roosevelt Hotel where he and defence attorney, Polina Polinksy, began their affair. The little family-wrecker claims she has passed a lie-detector test to confirm the sordid details and says Lamar behaved “completely available”.

First impressions of this little rat? She’s out to get some sort of ‘fame’ and attention and she seems to feel that publicly demolishing a marriage is the way to go about this.

Thoughts on Lamar? If he has done the dirty he is a fool and Khloe can 200% do better than to stay with such a scumbag. HOWEVER, has he? Khloe is as good as wifeys get – cooking, working, down for her man all of the time. Lamar was her life and even though they may have been going through some tough times, I can’t fully believe these claims until they’ve been officially confirmed. It’s just too much of a damn shame!

What do you guys think? I’m so happy Khloe hasn’t responded to the tabloids because that is exactly what the haters and the whores want!

Has the world lost another gentleman?

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Kardashian Meltdown

4 Oct

So much is being reported these days I’m finding it increasingly difficult to actually Keep Up With The Kardashians.

Khloé has been rumoured to be joining the X Factor USA for quite some time now and everyday I see new stories with the same headlines on them:

‘Khloé Joins Mario Lopez As X Factor Host?’

‘Simon Picked Khloé?’

‘Are Khloé & Mario New X Factor Hosts?’

I DON’T KNOW! Why are these people asking me? I’m looking to them for the news not the questions. Anyway, according to The National Enquirer, the delay may have something to do with Kris, Kim and Kourtney.

In a nutshell…

Kim and Kourtney apparently have a bee in their bonnet about Khloé’s hypocrisy of branching out on her own. When Kim went off to do her own fragrances, TV appearances and other lines of work Khloé vented publicly of her resentment. And according to the American mag, Kourtney feels let down by Khloé because she feels if her sister takes on the X Factor job she will have no time to commit to the new spin-off show they are currently filming. Furthermore, Kris is getting tired of their bickering but is obviously encouraging Khloé’s X Factor involvement as her momager (so she gets her 10% cut)!

Nicht gut.

Somehow I doubt that Mr Cowell is patiently tapping his foot and ordering another coffee whilst waiting for the sisters to work out their little problems. He loves a bit of X Factor attention and suspense to keep people interested. It’s probably all a done deal and they’re all sitting back laughing at us lot who are keeping tabs and waiting for the announcement.

But imagine…

Khloé as host. Britney as a judge. This may be the first X Factor season I’ll actually be into!

In more Kardashian news…It’s all getting a bit weird with ‘Kimye’.

According to an article in the Inquisitr yesterday, Kimye are cooling off their relationship as the constant scrutiny from the press is getting between them. Hokayy. Whilst I don’t believe that’s any reason for two of the most famous people in the world to ‘cool off’ their relationship, I still think this is a good idea mainly for the sake of Kim’s image.

Since Kim and Kayne have been joined at the hip he has been her stylist and advisor (for a reason I can’t quite make up yet). I hope Kim goes back to styling herself because shoes like this are happening to her and I feel sorry for her;


This pic is taken straight from Kim’s instagram site and I have to say when I asked for everyone’s opinion of these ghastly shoes the consensus was that they are indeed disgusting!

So, after cooling off her realtionship with Kanye, Kim has got a lot closer to someone super cute, super adorable and… super fluffy? Meet Mercy;

That’s right! Kim has a new pussy…

Moving on…

Khloe and Lamar celebrated their 3-year wedding anniversary in simple style by attending the same restuarant in which they had their rehearsal dinner in! Lamar said to E! that they ‘hung out there for a little bit and went home’. I won’t start gushing about how much I love these two, again, so I’ll just say congrats and, again, move on…

And lastly, we have Kourtney News. Rumours are rife that she and Scott are on the rocks for like the 100th time and he’s not involved in the Kardashian Khristmas Kard…blah blah blah… but what I want to know is…

Where has Kourt’s sense of style gone since giving birth to baby Penelope?

Exhibit A: Multi-coloured Miami Madness

Exhibit B: Layered Sweatiness

& Exhibit C: Hideous Shift Shopping Dress

There’s just too much going on these days!

Got an opinion? COMMENT!!

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The Proof Is In The Picture!

28 Jun

Hello, Bloggers! This is just a crazy coincidence but leads on perfectly from my earlier post!

Khloe Kardashian has just uploaded this photo on her official Facebook page which she has labelled, quite simply, ‘LOVE’ :

With nearly 50,000 ‘likes’ in only 40 minutes, the photo proves that this is one seriously popular loved-up pair!

Not only is it such a cute photo, check out that gorgeous nail polish Khloe has on… not to mention those ginormous rings!

Khloe’s official facebook page can be found at  http://www.facebook.com/KhloeKardashian

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

28 Jun

So now I have figured out how to blog I’m going to start making some posts a little more personal every now and then.

Let me introduce myself a little bit; if you didn’t know already I am a 21-year-old romantc-kinda girl who is a sucker for happy endings, Disney movies and traditional love tales.

I look forward to the day I get to marry my soulmate and set up shop for my new family and I (let’s hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this and totally freak out!)

Hearing, reading and watching love stories unfold is my little past-time; traditional novels, Hollywood rom-coms, celebrity weddings, old-fashioned family photo albums and local love-heroes are what it’s all about. Everyone loves somebody, whether you love your best friends, significant other, relatives, whoever.

Love, though, is a huge genre, which I may have to break down with examples over different posts!

This post however has been brought on by my obsession with Khloe Kardashian. Khloe is the youngest of the three Kardashian sisters, is married to basketball player Lamar Odom and is, in my opinion, the most humbling of the Kardashian clan.

What I admire the most about Khloe and her relationship with Lamar is clearly portrayed on their reality show ‘Khloe & Lamar’. They dote on one another and are eath other’s number one priority in every decision they make, emotion they feel and place that they go. I find it refreshing to see a celebrity couple who openly share mutual respect for one another through thick and thin.

That’s the sort of modern day love story I enjoy as I try just as hard and appreciate my own relationship just as much.

Hopefully, this is one celebrity marriage that can last the test of time and prove to plenty of young people who have lost hope in the sanctity of marriage that it is possible to find your soulmate.

I’ll wrap this up before I start to sound far too ‘Disney’ but I hope I’m not the only person to still believe in marriage, long-term commitments and not thinking all marriages will end in messy divorces! It can happen! Just take a look at David and Victoria Beckham (still together since they started dating in 1997) , Will and Jada Pinkett Smith (married for 15 years) and, possibly the most impressive celebrity couple, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (who have been married since 1988!).

Do you believe in Marriage?!

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