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Beyoncé To Show Katy, Justin & Miley How It’s Done!

8 Aug

I feel like I’ve blinked and missed a ton of Beyoncé news.

Regardless of the singer (renowned for being total perfection) just giving birth to Blue Ivy and announcing she’s had enough of heels and make-up, word on the internet seems to bring exciting new film prospects too.

Beyoncé is directing and producing a concert film said to be very much like the ones Katy Perry, Jutin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have released in the past which will feature backstage footage, interviews with her nearest and dearest and basically just show an exclusive insight into her usually very private life.

Not usually one to be so open, her fans will understand how exciting the new film idea is and will, like me, be eager to see the end product. Personally, I’m hoping it will have more depth than the ones previously released for Katy Perry, the Biebs and Miss Cyrus but, by the sound of things, since Beyoncé is producing the film herself, it’s looking promising.

In other Beyoncé news, the singer has donated a song to World Humanitarian Day and has filmed a short appeal for the cause which can be seen here:


Basically what Beyoncé and the UN want us to do is leave our mark. On August 19th all you have to do is a good deed for someone else; really help them out. We all live on the same planet and we are all capable of helping at least one person every single day. I love the idea so will support it (and would’ve supported it whether Beyoncé was a face or not!). See what you can do and sign up to support here:


& as if that wasn’t enough Beyoncé news! There’s so much more! $78,000,000 More!!!

Together, Beyoncé and Jay-z have topped the Highest Earning Couple in show biz list (calculated and published by Forbes) earning a staggering $78 Million in the last twelve months! That’s enough to beat The Beckhams, Brangelina and Will & Jada Pinkett Smith!

Jay-z raked it in with his Kanye-Kollaboration (note what I’ve done there.. because of the Kardashian Konnections?! See it? Never mind..) which world-tour smashed ticket sale records and the accompanying album sold umpteen amounts of copies globally. But, obviously, it takes a woman to bring home the real bacon as Forbes predicted Beyoncé brought home the most (approx $40Mil) with massive sales of album ‘4’. Get ’em girrrllllll…

Oh I do enjoy a spot of Beyoncé news! Just watch this space in the future as I’ll be first in line for the film (don’t judge me) and just as keen over the new album she’s supposedly back in the studio making…

Oh sorry was that another bit of Beyoncé goss…? I’ll stop now!

x Peace x

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Twitter Hope For Young & Savvy

12 Jul

It’s not often I browse the Twittersphere and stumble upon emotions such as pride, ambition and maybe even a sense of relief?

As we all know, the world is in a bitterly cold place with regards to money matters, politicial feuds and unemployment woes. Young people have been written off mainly by writers who can’t see a way out for us, politicians who state that they are doing the best they can and more to help us out with no obvious result as yet and helpless parents who strive to give their children the best they can and still can’t afford to pay for us to go into higher education.

You know what I say to all of these people? Jump on Twitter! Jump on YouTube! So many people are sticking their middle fingers up to the mess, announcing they have a talent, have found a gap in the market, can produce their own product and market it online without any form of help. Young people are wising up to the economy and I’ve never felt more proud.

Most of us are NOT the lazy, no-good bums the media plays us out to be. We are lost little puppies left to fend for ourselves whilst the grown-ups try and figure out how to fix everything else (sad violin music inserted here please)!

Hop online now and you will see musicians writing, producing, marketing and selling albums, merchandise and their story online through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr.

Writers, such as myself, are e-publishing their own material, researching and discovering their own readership and branching out one step at a time.

Craftsmen are networking to advertise their designs whether they are for graphics, jewellery, mobile phone cases, organic clothing, bakery, paintings, homeware or cosmetics.

If you don’t believe me look at these examples below of all the people out there grabbing their business and running with it, spreading the word, making it viral;

Girl Meets Dress (@girlmeetsdress) – an online dress rental for those who can’t afford the designer price tags

L’zo (@Lzoartist) – in his own words; “North London rapper on the come up, trying to use Twitter to network within the industry”

BiJouled Glitzy Bitz (@BijouledShoes) – a service that offers crystal heels and self-designed phone cases

Lil Mai Sparkles (@LilMaiSparkles) – customises phone covers and sells jewellery

Daisy Does Jewellery (@DaisyDoesUK) – hand-makes and sells her own jewellery

Tink Couture (@custompixie) – custom phone cases, unique handmade bikinis and jewellery

Ami Diabetic (@amidiabetic) – help, news and forums for Diabetics around the world

These are just a few hand-picked examples from people I follow but you get the picture. UK chart-topping grime artist Wiley is a top believer in networking your way to success as he tweeted this yesterday, “I need a break from Twitter but it’s so hard to stay off here……this is my viral marketing place…”

Another ‘overnight success’ is Justin Bieber who famously uploaded his material on YouTube and got ‘discovered’ by Usher! Carly Rae Jepson was then ‘discovered’ by Bieber!

This is all the hope I need. Sometimes writing can be a lonely business which makes me doubt myself a hell of a lot. But it’s realisations like this one that give me a slither of hope as I try and break this new industry one tiny step at a time. My mother has a fab motto in business: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

Never a wiser word said (but don’t tell her I admit that)! Any of you who have an idea, or a small thought of ‘I wonder if I could…’ JUST GO FOR IT! What can you lose at this time? You don’t have to give up your day job, it’s something you’re going to experiment with. Jump off the board, dive in. Who knows where it will take you in the end?

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