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Woman of the Week: Dita Von Teese

3 Jul

I was researching for this blog post about half an hour ago when I stumbled across something I hadn’t seen before. Originally, I was going to feature Christina Aguilera as my latest girl crush, but all of that changed when I clicked on this link:

Dita Von Teese – Guy What Takes His Time

I dare you to watch it. Better yet, I dare you to watch it without being encompassed by her beauty. Watch it without being mesmerised by her flawless make-up, her tiny waist and seriously sexy presence.

Dita Von Teese has been in the business since 1992 and is the biggest thing to hit the scene since Gypsy Rose Lee back in the 40s and 50s.


The more I learn about Ms. Teese the more I idolise her. Having taken her fascination with pin-up imagery and vintage lingerie and turned it into a world-renowned talent is impressive in itself – but now having brought burlesque back into the spotlight and making millions off the back of it, she is now entertainment of choice for high-brow events such as shows for Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, Cartier and Louis Vuitton.

dita red carpet

Currently in the midst of her ‘Strip Strip Hooray’ Summer tour in America, Dita’s perfect performances leave me wide-eyed and open-mouthed. You will often hear me say how there are certain women in the world that force me to question my sexuality – Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have all left me in a similar quandary before – however there is no question when I watch Dita. She is the official girl crush.

The way she unties her corset to the beat, or rolls her stocking off within a blow of the sax, or how she catches you looking a little too closely – her stage presence is one of a kind. I can’t even take my bra off in a rush of an evening…


Off-stage, Dita comes across refreshingly humble. In an interview on ‘Loose Women’ in the UK she told host Andrea McLean that she does all her own hair and make-up and doesn’t even have a stylist:

dita loose women

“I have no stylist, I don’t use hair and make-up people, I don’t like to have an entourage at all.

When I was little I used to watch a lot of old movies with my mother…I come from a small town in Michigan and I’m a natural blonde. I always felt ordinary and boring.

I kind of like this idea of the big Hollywood make-over and I saw pictures of Marilyn Monroe when she was Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe’s real name) but it’s totally different when they did all the make-up and the hair and the clothes…I like the idea of creating glamour.”

A girl after my own heart! There’s nothing like wearing a look differently than everybody else – it gives you a warm mix of confidence and anxiety, especially when you live in a small town where the rest of the community prefer the everyday comfort of leggings and jeans!


A certified home-grown talent, businesswomen, charity advocate and down-to-earth girl: Do I need anymore reasons to fall in love with the woman?! Here’s hoping she’ll come and perform in the UK soon!

dita performs

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Young’un of the Week – Kane Surry

2 Apr


“Everyone knows that it’s a cliché to say, “I’ve dreamed of being an actor since I was little” – but in my case it doesn’t stop it from being true. My name is Kane Surry and I’ve dreamed of being an actor since I was little, and I’ve worked extremely hard over the past decade to make that dream a reality.

The acting profession is notoriously tough; it’s a job that involves a bit of hope and a huge amount of rejection…not to mention the fact that it, like everywhere else, has suffered from the recession so the opportunities are less than ever.

This I know about acting and everyone knows it (although it’s never put me off) but made me more determined to succeed and carry on working. I’m actually amazed that I’ve got this far because I have a tendency to be flaky in nearly every other aspect of my life but when it comes to my professional acting career I’ve never stop aiming higher.

I was always a hyper child with a very big imagination but when I got to secondary school I was a bit lost because I was crap at football (which was like a crime at my school) and I was a pretty average student.

I wanted to stand out though, always have done, but didn’t really know how too.

I was bullied which knocked my confidence in my early secondary school days so it was only when I was around 16 years old that I found the confidence to do my first school play and I thought it was what I wanted to be known as – an actor!

I got the lead and I was playing a cocky intern at a teenage magazine who used the agony aunt section to meet girls and it really brought me out of my shell and got what I’d aimed for: I’d stood out as an actor at school.

When applying for drama school for the first time when I was 17 I really messed it up. I got way too cocky and applied to all the best schools, thinking I was Marlon Brando and not preparing properly but thinking I was going to breeze it. Did I breeze it? Did I shite!!

Nowhere took me on and rightly so, I hadn’t done enough, didn’t know enough and wasn’t humble enough.

That was a shock that I didn’t understand at first but then I had to re-evaluate and be honest with myself. I’d missed out that year and I was gutted but it was my own fault.

I spent my next two gap years trying to be a better actor; I doomed a one year course which was privately funded. I nearly didn’t go but am eternally grateful to the sacrifices that were made for me and afterwards I realised how much they went without just so that I could go. I wasn’t going to let them down so I got my head down and took in all I was taught.

I eventually got into drama school at the Central School of Speech and Drama – one of the best in the world. I couldn’t believe it when the letter came through and I just couldn’t wait to start.

One thing that shocked me in my time there was how middle class a profession acting is. I come from a working class background and a big family and thought that if you were talented the opportunities were for everyone but at Central there were often times that I felt slightly alienated because of my background and this made me lean towards pretending I was more middle class to fit in: Drama school is a bubble and it’s when you leave that you realise the diversity is there and you have to know and embrace every aspect of yourself because that is what you’re selling. I may not be wealthy (yet) and I don’t speak R.P. but there is a market there for me.

I have a lovely agent who works extremely hard for me but I always do what I can to see if I can get opportunities for myself. I apply to online ads even if the work isn’t paid; I go to press nights of big shows so that I can network and talk to casting directors and other actors, etc. I also keep myself up to date with what’s on the television and in theatres and keep up to date with who is casting what and where they are going next. It’s all progressive and can seem hopeless at times but so worth it when it comes through.

I’m determined more than anything to make my career work: Since leaving drama school in June I’ve been lucky enough to work on two Shakespeare plays, some co-operate work and I start a film next month but all the time I want to do more and I’m always aiming for bigger and better things.

I’m looking forward to the day I can say: “Eastenders? I was in that before I did that ITV drama but I only did the two series as I got ordered to do a great new play at The Royal Court.”

Big dreams but I want to make them happen.”

To get in touch with Kane you can tweet him @KaneSurry or comment below.

Every week on Obsessed With Them I feature a seriously inspiring young person working hard to reach for their dream job! From plumbers to librarians, teachers to actors I will be featuring everyone that wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths! If you’re on your way up and want your time in the spotlight – or want to inspire others, or just want a slither of recognition then GET IN TOUCH!

We’re all in this together.

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Beyoncé To Show Katy, Justin & Miley How It’s Done!

8 Aug

I feel like I’ve blinked and missed a ton of Beyoncé news.

Regardless of the singer (renowned for being total perfection) just giving birth to Blue Ivy and announcing she’s had enough of heels and make-up, word on the internet seems to bring exciting new film prospects too.

Beyoncé is directing and producing a concert film said to be very much like the ones Katy Perry, Jutin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have released in the past which will feature backstage footage, interviews with her nearest and dearest and basically just show an exclusive insight into her usually very private life.

Not usually one to be so open, her fans will understand how exciting the new film idea is and will, like me, be eager to see the end product. Personally, I’m hoping it will have more depth than the ones previously released for Katy Perry, the Biebs and Miss Cyrus but, by the sound of things, since Beyoncé is producing the film herself, it’s looking promising.

In other Beyoncé news, the singer has donated a song to World Humanitarian Day and has filmed a short appeal for the cause which can be seen here:


Basically what Beyoncé and the UN want us to do is leave our mark. On August 19th all you have to do is a good deed for someone else; really help them out. We all live on the same planet and we are all capable of helping at least one person every single day. I love the idea so will support it (and would’ve supported it whether Beyoncé was a face or not!). See what you can do and sign up to support here:


& as if that wasn’t enough Beyoncé news! There’s so much more! $78,000,000 More!!!

Together, Beyoncé and Jay-z have topped the Highest Earning Couple in show biz list (calculated and published by Forbes) earning a staggering $78 Million in the last twelve months! That’s enough to beat The Beckhams, Brangelina and Will & Jada Pinkett Smith!

Jay-z raked it in with his Kanye-Kollaboration (note what I’ve done there.. because of the Kardashian Konnections?! See it? Never mind..) which world-tour smashed ticket sale records and the accompanying album sold umpteen amounts of copies globally. But, obviously, it takes a woman to bring home the real bacon as Forbes predicted Beyoncé brought home the most (approx $40Mil) with massive sales of album ‘4’. Get ’em girrrllllll…

Oh I do enjoy a spot of Beyoncé news! Just watch this space in the future as I’ll be first in line for the film (don’t judge me) and just as keen over the new album she’s supposedly back in the studio making…

Oh sorry was that another bit of Beyoncé goss…? I’ll stop now!

x Peace x

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Magic Mike – An Overdue Review

14 Jul

When the opening scenes contain a butt-naked Channing Tatum and Olivia Munn you know this film is going to live up to your fantasies:

But nudity aside, I couldn’t help but feel the efforts put into this movie mainly focused on the choreography, music and costumes! Lacking what could’ve been quite an interesting insight into Tatum’s life before fame, the plot didn’t really thicken at any point and without the brief love interests throughout the film would’ve been 110 minutes of naughty dancing and wild drug-fuelled party footage (I’m not complaining though!).

The main story of the movie is based around the extremely sexy Michael Lane (Tatum) who works as a roofer in the day, as a male stripper at night and dreams of becoming a famous furniture designer. Discovering scruffy Adam (Alex Pettyfer) on the roof-site one day Mike introduces him to the ‘crazy club’ as The Kid when they accidentally meet up outside the club one evening. A bond is instantly connected between the team and soon enough they become kings of the Tampa strip-joint cashing in thousands of dollars every single weekend – but Mike wants more. The ageing sleaze-pot who owns the club (Matthew McConaughey) promises him big equity in the move to Miami but never confirms just how much until it’s too late.

When Adam’s sister (played by Cody Horn, the stand-out actor in this flick for me) can’t get hold of her off-the-rails brother one night she finds him collapsed, only half-alive at Mike’s pad after a crazy pill-infested night out.

Holding a secret flame for Adam’s sister he is devastated that he has broken his promise to her that he would take care of him from the start. He sees his life for what it really is through her eyes and makes some devastating decisions to get the girl, the dream and a comfortable, settled life – minus the stripping.

My best friend and I went to see this movie as part of a girly night out complete with dinner and drinks beforehand. This is the sort of situation the movie suits – it’s not for the film buffs expecting first-class acting, award-winning plots and a huge thought-provoking ending. Sexy men for all ages, Channing Tatum professionally gyrating on stage like he’s done it before (obviously) and a slight romantic edge too. What more can a woman ask for?

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Congrats To One Of Hollywood’s Sexiest Couples

5 Jul


Hot star of new flick Magic Mike has just announced he is expecting his third child with his equally stunning wife, Camila Alves.

In a tweet casually celebrating Independence Day posted about an hour ago, he also slips in his good news;

Matthew McConaughey@McConaughey

“happy birthday America, more good news, Camila and I are expecting our 3rd child, God bless, just keep livin”

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Good Luck With That, TomKat!

1 Jul

From the start of this bizarre relationship I have felt deeply sorry for Katie Holmes.

Not only was she sent on an intense study course to learn the ins and outs of her husband-to-be’s religion, Scientology, she then had to raise their only child under it’s strict regime too.

Yet, after years of trying to be happy in a marriage she was ‘unhappy in for years’, Katie Holmes has finally filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

This is the sort of media love-story I hate to see. We don’t know whether they have tried counselling, time apart or any other healing processes but the couple have gone straight for divorce. Katie is behind the filing with the hopes of gaining sole custody of their beautiful little girl, Suri.


The papers are saying that Katie (who was brought up a Catholic) has grown to ‘dislike and distrust’ the Scientology movement and has filed the divorce papers in the state of New York instead of California as they ‘dislike giving warring parents joint custody’. This, to me, doesn’t sound good. It seems the relationship must be at sour points if they are ‘at war’ with one another but from experience (my mother and father divorced when I was younger and it was a very bitter war to the end) I know how much it can affect young children (my brother was 10-years-old).

At the moment Suri is being brought up the ‘Scientology Way’ which means she is treated like an adult and is able to make all her own decisions. This may, however, explain a few of her outfit choices;


Heels and lipstick? I’l be watching this one for future blog posts!!

Anyway, the media (and anyone with a hint of common sense) are predicting a messy custody battle with this one which I find so saddening. What I really want to know is how hard they truly worked to save their relationship becuase I know it’s not easy at times but you have to try. I hope they’ve done all they can and consider the little one’s feelings in all this.

We’ll have to see how this one turns out.

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Kristen The Richest, Jennifer Most Powerful?

25 Jun

So she came to my attention one random afternoon last month but it seems Kristen Stewart has been at the fore-front of all Hollywood film-makers’ minds for a lot longer as she tops the Forbes list of highest-paid actresses over the last year.

Estimated to be worth a cool £22 million thanks to her starring roles in one of the most popular film franchises for the last couple of years (Twilight) and her lead role in recent box-office smash Snow White and the Huntsmen, Miss Stewart beat some of Hollywood’s movie veterans such as Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz to the top spot.

The Forbes ‘Rich List’ is compiled from up-front payments, profits, endorsements and conversations with agents generating a worth from the last year.

Coming a close second was Cameron Diaz who recently starred in Bad Teacher and earnt an estimated £21 million.

Further to this, according to the Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities Jennifer Lopez lands at number 1 with Kim Kardashian at number 7 and Lady Gaga at number 5 (who also tops the ‘Most Social Celebrity’ ranking on her way there!).

Take a look for yourself at the official Forbes lists, what do you think? Should J.Lo be ranked the world’s most powerful celeb? Is Kristen Stewart worth £22 million?


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