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Kan Khloé Kope?

12 Aug

It’s unlike me to stay on the fence on any subject; I nearly always have an opinion and since I’m a typical Gemini, my opinion is the only one that counts! 🙂

So, why am I so undecided on the KhloMar cheating scandal?

It has been reported for weeks now that Lamar Odom has cheated on his wifey for lifey, Khloe Kardashian with two different mistresses.


I began dismissing the stories as ridiculous hate mail as most of the couple’s fans did – putting it down to malicious claims from desperate hoes who need money and to claim their five minutes in the tabloid spotlight. Then, having heard one was a lawyer and actually sat a polygraph lie detector test to prove she slept with Lamar, I decided to sit up and consider this for a second – just in case.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Khloe and Lamar (the couple’s reality show on E! Entertainment) you will know how compatible the two are. Khloe is so down for her man and has always made it no secret that he comes before work commitments, family and friends. On the other hand, Lamar consistently supported his wife when times were tough (Khloe has struggled with the pressures of conceiving and also with her body confidence in the past) and maintained a level-headed attitude towards the pair’s marriage.




According to the reports Lamar was staying at the Roosevelt Hotel where he and defence attorney, Polina Polinksy, began their affair. The little family-wrecker claims she has passed a lie-detector test to confirm the sordid details and says Lamar behaved “completely available”.

First impressions of this little rat? She’s out to get some sort of ‘fame’ and attention and she seems to feel that publicly demolishing a marriage is the way to go about this.

Thoughts on Lamar? If he has done the dirty he is a fool and Khloe can 200% do better than to stay with such a scumbag. HOWEVER, has he? Khloe is as good as wifeys get – cooking, working, down for her man all of the time. Lamar was her life and even though they may have been going through some tough times, I can’t fully believe these claims until they’ve been officially confirmed. It’s just too much of a damn shame!

What do you guys think? I’m so happy Khloe hasn’t responded to the tabloids because that is exactly what the haters and the whores want!

Has the world lost another gentleman?

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What The Hell R-Pattz?!

17 Sep

R-Pattz has forgiven K-Stew and all is dandy and fluffy and perfect now as they move back in and continue to look gorgeous together.


If my boyfriend caught me slipping with a married guy (who’s also my one-time boss) with hard photographic evidence ALL WOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN!

But according to The Sun newspaper today, all is well! A source said, “they pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other.” After Kristen, 22, was caught smooching with film director Rupert Sanders, 41, I honestly thought that would be the end for the Twilight couple. I demand intimate details of what she’s done to fight her way back into Pattinson’s arms! Maybe not that intimate but she must be one smooth talker!

The source also told the newspaper that “after a lot of tearful talks, they’ve worked it out. Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her. They really do love each other.”

Not only has Rob forgiven Kristen, they’ve just moved back in together, opting for a more private house tucked away in an LA compound (which they now share with super-duper-stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt).

Good for them. I’m sure everything will be A-Ok for them now all is forgiven. Isn’t there a saying though? People forgive but never forget? I reckon she still has major brownie points to score!

Whilst we are on the subject of Kristen Stewart… can someone tell me if dresses get anymore perfect than THIS?!

Obviously wanting to look as sexy as possible for her first red carpet appearance since the love-cheat scandal, Kristen wore this Zuhair Murad dress at the Toronto Film Festival and looked S T U N N I N G.

What perfects this look for me is the minimalist hair and make-up choice which showcases her enchanting green eyes to their fullest; although I’m not too taken with her lip colour. The combination is just magic.

So she’s made a mistake (which at 22-years-old and peaking career-wise, is fairly understandable) and is moving on. As Karl Lagerfeld recently said to Victoria Beckham in response to her hubby’s newest love-cheat stories, ‘If you have no scandal, you are a nobody’!

Team K-Stew!

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