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Back in Business

3 Jan

Readers, fellow bloggers, people of the net – we are 3 days in to 2014 and I’m still without a calendar, own no diary and ate a whole pack of cookies before my chicken and chips tonight.

My hopes and aspirations for this year are supposed to be to grow up. I’m going to learn to cook a few healthy meals, dabble with a bit of box room interior design and I may even begin that novel I’ve been scribbling in notes since last Summer!

To be able to achieve all of the above I am in need of three very important factors:

1) Inspiration: – Excuse the boring old cliché but it’s true. On those days when willpower just isn’t enough to kick you into gear you need something (or someone) to remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. SO..What exactly is my inspiration? Or who..?

This is my 2014 mood board – in all of it’s hope and glory! From Vegas to a new bedroom to my boo Bey…this year is the year I get my shit together.


2) Plans: – Keeping busy is the key to a happy life. Some people keep on the ‘No New Friends’ path but I’m not about that hermit life anymore. This year will be my busiest yet…

kim @ yeezus

3) #WERK: – Without working my arse off I won’t be able to do all the things I dream of doing to get my big-girl life set up! Hustle on!


What are your new years resolutions?! xoxo

Young’un of the Week – Seyi Newell: Founder of ‘PAGES’

7 May

I can’t believe I managed to miss an inspiring person from last week’s blog posts! I could kick myself – BUT fear not! I have TWO for you this week: One today and one tomorrow.

Today I am featuring Seyi Newell, founder of new online book retailer PAGES. At 24, her fierce work ethic can only be admired and I hope this interview will inspire others to pick up their idea and fly with it.

seyi pic

If you love a good book, listen up! This is Seyi’s story:

What was school like? When did you realise what you wanted to do with the rest of your life?

I was quite an individual at school. I was one of those people that hopped from group to group and had a very wide range of friends which made me quite open minded. My school work was also really important to me, I never wanted to fail (that’s still the same) so I always did my best and that still applies to me today.

I was 24 (when I realised my dream job). I had been working in fashion PR for a while, I enjoyed it but I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever. Books have always been special to me. I was in a bookshop and I realised that there was nothing on the shelves that I wanted to read and the idea for PAGES literally just came to me at that moment in that shop. Some things just fall out of the sky.

Tell us about your new business, PAGES!

PAGES is an online book retailer for independent publishers which will be launching at the beginning of May. PAGES will also be a place where people can discuss everything from books to art to food. The idea is to make PAGES the go to place for a good book and to open up the world of indies to the mainstream.

pages logo

How did it all begin? It must have been so daunting starting from scratch with a brand new idea, where did you start?

I researched it first to make sure that it didn’t already exist. Then I went on a 4 day course with the Prince’s Trust to make sure that it was something that I could do and also something that I actually wanted to do: Luckily I was able to get a lot of help and support from both the Prince’s Trust and Bright Ideas trust. They’ve both helped with funding, mentoring and general support.

Running a business can be scary so I had to make sure I was making the right choice for myself, so I spoke to my mum and my boyfriend about it and they thought I should go for it. I needed a little push.

How do you stay motivated?

It sounds cheesy but you have to keep your eye on the prize. I’m staying positive and working hard because I know there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and there will come a time when I can finally look at my business and be proud of what I’ve accomplished.

For now, I don’t need any more opportunities. I have support and I have help, all that’s left is for me to just do it.

Loads of ambitious youngsters have ideas that they want to turn into reality: What’s your advice to newbies?

Be persistent no matter how many people say no, if you believe in it then do it. Also, know yourself and your brand otherwise you won’t be able to explain it to other people. Know what you’re willing to put up with and what you aren’t. Lastly, know your limitations, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it.

What have been your main challenges and personal battles that you’ve had to overcome to get to the point of launching PAGES?

It has been difficult to get publishers on board even though they all seem to think it’s a brilliant idea. The publishing industry is very rigid (even though it is always calling out for change) so I’m having to try and work around certain things. The most I can do is be persistent and be aware of what I have to offer.


Time for the quick fire questions! Who inspired PAGES?

People who like to write a good book and the people who love to read them.

What kind of stories will be selected for PAGES?

There will be a really wide range of books on the PAGES website from photography to fiction to fashion. The one thing that all these books will have in common is that they will be good and they will be from independent publishers.

How can we get involved?!

At the moment people can go to our website and follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter. When we launch people can read the blog, there will be so many interesting things on there, but most importantly people can buy a book and support our brilliant independents.

pages ogo kids

Handy Links:

The Prince’s Trust

Bright Ideas Trust

PAGES on Twitter

PAGES Official

Follow Me:








Young’un of the Week – Lucie Bevan: Teen Travel Photographer

23 Apr

It takes a lot of energy, self-belief and passion to start your own business aged 18, but that is exactly what my Young’un of the Week has achieved this year. Lucie Bevan from London Colney, Herts went to New York in Sixth Form and came back with big dreams and high hopes:

“It was my friends mum who actually got me into photography. At the time, she was studying in a night time college course and seeing her go from not having a clue about the camera to running her own business now, it has given me faith that someday I could do this too.

I started photography in 6th form, which is when I went to New York. I met some amazing people during this time who allowed me to improve my images without being too harsh.

Since receiving an offer for a small job abroad taking images of people’s villas for their website in Spain, I knew I wanted to travel with this job, too.”

Despite being so young, Lucie hasn’t allowed herself to become overwhelmed by the scale of her ambitions: Now she has her heart set on travel photography she is ready to work for it. She says:

“I would absolutely love to work for a travel company. Travelling the world, doing what I do best. I am a keen photographer who loves learning from other peoples work. I guess what’s stopping me is the fact that you need experience to gain experience; it’s really just a catch 22.”

Lucie adds:

“I do not believe in myself all the time. I find it difficult to think that I could actually do what I want to do. But since setting up a Facebook page for my photography and receiving compliments on my images from my family and friends really boosts me up on a bad day.

I try to keep myself busy with little jobs for friends and family, updating my portfolio each time I can. If I have spare time on an afternoon, I will go on an adventure of sorts to seek out great photo opportunities.

You have to have the experience to gain the experience. That’s the most difficult challenge. I have found it difficult applying for jobs that I could really see myself in because of the fact I have no experience. Also, to gain the experience, it is usually assumed to work for free at the beginning in the hopes of a permanent job, but I, like many other young people, cannot afford to do so.”

Facing the same economic struggles as the rest of us, Lucie remains defiant on her work ethic: Not only does she continue to work as a Customer Assistant outside of her photography, her mind set is ahead of her years as she sticks to the business budget. Lucie explains:

“At the present moment, I have a part time job which allows me to pay off the money for the equipment I need. I have always believed in the fact it’s not how much money you spend on the equipment that makes your images amazing but it’s the photographer’s eye.”

So as her website has launched and her strenuous promotion continues, what’s next for the teen travel photographer?

“Basically, I have really high ambitions. Although I am not really sure where exactly I want to be in life, I know that I want to travel the world taking pictures. I have always loved travelling, and since being to New York, I realised that my dreams are possible – no matter how cheesy that may sound. I am considering working for a travel agency taking images of landscape and holiday places for them to advertise. I think this will be a great career path and could take me to some amazing places around the world.”

Photography is a very popular hobby and career choice amongst young people and, as you can hear from Lucie’s accounts, the competition is rife! What advice can she give for other budding artists out there?!

“If you take a series of images for each genre of photography, you will be able to see for yourself which one you prefer. Email different photographers asking them to view your work and give feedback. Constructive criticism is better than them keeping quiet if they don’t like it. So I would say, get your name out there. Make a Flickr page or something similar so people can view your work and leave comments.

Keep at it. It’s simple. The more you persist, the more you will achieve. It’s not about the fancy equipment or the people you know, it’s about your belief in yourself. Everyone has different opinions of a photograph; some say it can be amazing, while others may find it a bit dull, but if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.”


Visit Lucie:

Flickr: Lucie Bevan

Preview & Bookings for Lucie’s Work:

Lucie Bevan Photography – Official




If you are thinking about joining the same career path and hope to be the next world-famous picture-taker, here are some handy links to get you started:

Photography for Beginners

Photography Community

London Photography Courses

Photography Tutorials

Photo Contests

And as always if you have an inspiring story to share or want your ambition to be recognised then get in contact! OWT features someone every single week to silence the negative media coverage of us young’uns! We are NOT lazy and we are NOT dumb…HELP ME PROVE THEM WRONG!!

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