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Zooey Deschanel & The Chapmans Have Me Telly Obsessed!

12 Aug

I’ve given myself a break from my Journalism course and since have been glued to the telly! Other than obvious faves like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Holly’s World on ‘E!’, my TiVo has been set to record some other unlikely shows that, for some reason, I can’t get enough of!

E4’s ‘New Girl’ starring Zooey Deschanel as ‘Jess’ is a quirky 30-minute blast of awkward comedy that can quite literally have me LOL’ing into my Ben & Jerry’s! If you haven’t seen it yet get on it! US Weekly used the word ‘adorkable’ to describe the show on their website and I couldn’t have put it better myself. Not only is it a TV triumph, Jess’ style is the epitome of ‘Vintage Geek Chic’. I’ve been doing a spot of my own ‘Steal-Her-Style-ing’ trying to find bargain-ish pieces to match her look:



The £33 High Street Version of Jess’ classic skater dress outfit:

Turqouise Skate Dress from boohoo.com £15 // Navy Cardigan from George at Asda £12 // Black Ballet Pumps from Matalan £6




‘CeCe’ played by Hannah Simone also wears a stunner which can also be found on the UK high street too:



Black Bodycon Dress from Missguided.com £27.99 // Studded Wedges £60 River Island



Love these two girls! Like chalk and cheese but make such cute BFF’s!

Another show I’m obsessed with right now, bizarrely, is Dog the Bounty Hunter!! Tim, Dog, Dog’s wife Beth and their grown-up kids Leland, Lyssa and Duane-Lee go and catch the bad guys on the Hawaii islands. That’s basically it but it’s done in that dramatic, American reality show way which just captures you and never lets you go!! It’s so addictive and often repeated all day on Sky!

I’ve heard that ‘Baby Lyssa’, Dog’s daughter, is releasing a book soon to clear up any untruths which may have surfaced when she was ‘drugged against her will’ the night she was arrested for harrassment and property damage last year. Lyssa became the youngest ever bail bondsman in Hawaii at just eighteen (she is now 25), has two little girls and has been through a ‘somehwat violent’ marriage which resulted in a ‘messy’ divorce. Looking forward to the book!! Watch this space.

So if you haven’t seen New Girl or Dog the Bounty Hunter get involved! Have you seen them? What do you think?!

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I found out about Lyssa’s book via her Twitter – you can follow her too at @BabyLyssaC

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