The Most Stylish Wedding Gown Ever?

17 Sep

Even though I had to google her name to find out who she is and what she actually does, Mary Charteris is stealing fashion headlines all over the world this week as she marries in what most are calling the most stylish wedding gown ever.

Created by Pam Hogg the gown was worn in front of equally-as-eccentric guests such as Lilly Allen, Florence Welch and Jaime Winstone as Lady Charteris wed rocker Robbie Furze.

Since I wasn’t invited to London Fashion Week (*cries*) and I am a telephonist earning not a lot (*cries more*) I have decided to see how close to this dare-to-bare trend I can get by shopping on the high street.

It turns out there is an option for all personalities, shapes and ages:

Real extroverts, go-getters and all-round non-carers can opt for this saucy Made By Niki bodice (£113 from Asos):

Back to reality and for the more normal of the population, American Apparel do this gorgeous little bodysuit for £40:

Crazy Camden-based shop Cyberdog are known for their outrageous attention-grabbing club clothes so I thought they’d have something appropriate! This ‘Melt Dress’ is £65

Cyberdog also do these awesome suspender socks (£35) which can be your Pam Hogg-inspired statement piece if you’re not wanting to go down the nude route:

Ann Summers’ Clubwear clothing collection have a few inspired little numbers.

This sheer body is £30 and is the average person’s version of Lady Charteris’ wedding bodice:

& this dress (£40, finished to perfection with gloves and stockings) is not only daring but also brings the futuristic edge back into the trend:

Last but not least we have a sheer shirt which you can wear with or without a bra (depending on how dedicated to ol’ Pammy you are)!! This one is £18 from Pop Couture:

Excuse me now, I have some shopping to do! What is your favourite piece?

xx X xx

Photo & Shopping Sources:


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