If At First You Don’t Succeed…

28 Aug

Currently dabbing my eyes dry trying to pull myself together after yet another disappointing  response from my writing tutor.

The more time, effort and assignments I submit into this course, the more negative the comments from my tutor are. I’m not sure what the deal is and I’ve been contemplating whether to give it all up or not..

To quit or not to quit.

Why should I quit? Writing is something I love to do; just like actors love acting and singers love to sing! To motivate myself I’ve been trying to remind myself of all the other times in my life where I’ve had no choice but to fight; giving up wasn’t an option.

Aged 12 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and wondered how I’d ever cope without chocolate bars, jam sandwiches and Coco Pops for breakfast. I was forced to suddenly inject myself up to 4/5 times a day every time I ate and planning physical activities to the minute for maximum control. Even now, after nearly 9 years, I get times when I just sit, staring at the wall contemplating to give it up altogether. It’s so much effort. Why me? When will it end? What can I do?

After much time spent deeply breathing and counting to 10 I come back to reality with a thud. What the hell am I talking about? If I give up on Diabetes I basically give up on life. Absolutely ridiculous.

When else have I not given up?

Another health scare couple of years later meant I had to have major surgery on my spine in 2006. If I’d have given up then I’d be crippled in a wheelchair by now. Good choice to carry on…

Parents divorcing after that…

GCSEs soon followed (I got 4 A’s after studying through the rows at home)..

Tedious apprenticeship after that (finishing with distinctions almost a year early)…

Sure we moan about the various stages in life as they happen but really what other choice do we have? Life is super hard but it’s a test of who we are as individuals to weed out the real successes from the bums!

So NO! Don’t give up… Never say never and strive to prove those who say you CAN’T that actually you CAN!!

My fave Kim Kardashian tweeted this quote-pic this week… It’s now the background on my iPad… Whatever you are doing, working for or training for …

Much Love Fellow Pressers xxx


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