Racing The World In Cardiff At The FIM British Speedway Grand Prix

27 Aug

Hi! Haven’t blogged in sooo long! This Bank Holiday weekend saw my boyfriend Dan and I roadtrip our asses up to Wales for the Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff. This is my travel review of the weekend; not in my usual style so I hope you guys enjoy something new

xx Peace xx

Arriving damp, late and dishevelled somewhat distorted my first impressions of Cardiff. When one has wet toes and knotty hair, one doesn’t appreciate drunken scallywags interrupting an on-going, rainy hunt for the hotel. True to form, I’d dressed inappropriately and misjudged the enormity of the Bank Holiday Speedway Grand Prix crowd, so rapidly checked-in, changed into something more uncomfortable and met with the lads to get drunk with the rest of world.

For a moment, whilst pondering over Ice Speedway Tours the next day, I felt transported back to London mid-Olympics.  From the bemused Chinese claiming free cans of Monster energy drink (not a bad idea after last night); to the horny Polish in Ann Summers, rainbow flocks of patriotic sheep followed one another soaking up the atmosphere and cheap booze in the city centre. Cardiff had been transformed into a happy, sunny Speedway convention.

Everywhere you turned, various Speedway riders were seen out and about, much to the excitement of their diehard fans.

“Did you see Darcy Ward at the bar?”

“I stood by Rory Schlein!”

“Chris, can I have a photo?!”

Most of my meals were provided by fast food chains or a JD Wetherspoons bar as not only were they the only place with space to sit and eat, I was on a budget. The hotel (Cardiff Central Travelodge) was £140 for one night so funds were tight. However, most of the entertainment throughout the day was provided by the Speedway stalls, street games and live music, all of which were free.

The Grand Prix, held in the Millennium Stadium, seemed surprisingly under-booked as the racing begun. I put it down to the Olympics and the lacklustre entertainment because tickets were only £29.50. The atmosphere was still electric with European, Aussie and American fans all in close proximity, but not once did I feel anxious. 22 heats of quality racing later and we reached the Grand Final which saw Aussie Chris Holder take the title.

Leaving Cardiff was reminiscent of Friday’s arrival. Tired and in a mini-skirt I clambered for the exit. Next year, I’ll wear jeans.

[ All pictures are my own 🙂 ]


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