Colours Of The World; Spice Up Your Life!

13 Aug

What the HELL am I supposed to do with my days now? Please someone suggest a hobby or activity I can involve myself in because I really don’t know how life will continue minus the Olympics.

Ok, bit dramatic but didn’t we do well. Jolly good show Britain! David Cameron said possibly the first line in history that I agree with yesterday; “Britain Delivered. We reminded ourselves what we can do!” Yes, Dave. Yes, we did. Bravo.

Where do I even start?! Let’s just go straight with it and dive in head first….THE SPICE GIRLS WERE EPIC! My childhood was suddenly flashing before my eyes as Ginger, Posh, Baby, Sporty & Scary frolicked on top of those cabs (wondering how Health & Safety let that go quite frankly) “La-la-la”-ing in their designer frocks. Ah yes…those frocks. Let’s discuss…

Vicky in S T U N N I N G Giles Deacon, Geri in Suzanne Neville (complete with Union Jack ruffles…yay!), Emma in Maggie Cooke, Mel B in a rather tight (and camel-toe inducing) Zuhair Murad suit and Mel C was in.. erm… JD Sports?! Ok, cool.

Other HUGE highlights included Madness, Tinie Tempah, Kaiser Chiefs (on the most spectacular looking scooters EVER), the John Lennon tribute and also Brian May. Wow. Megastars R Us London!

Total bummers for me were One Direction (what have they done to deserve that slot..hmmmm?!), Jessie J (that awkward moment when she sang “it’s not about the money” atop a Rolls Royce) and Russell Brand singing and introducing a ginormous L.E.D octopus to the proceedings… (WTF?!)

After feeling disheartened when the Kaisers performed ‘Pinball Wizard’, I began wondering if The Who were already in bed with a hot cocoa. What was I thinking?! One of the best live bands of all time and the total epitome of rock stars they totally spanked newbies such as Taio Cruz, Jessie J and One Direction in their performance. Absolute legends.

I can’t believe it’s over, just like the rest of the nation. Everytime I see Greg Rutherford or Jessica Ennis I well up with deep pride for what we have achieved!

But it’s sort of like…

What now?!

Answers on a tweet please @shedan2207

xx Peace xx


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