‘Wannabe’ Mel B Almost Ruins Spice Girls Olympic Chance?

22 Jul

For some reason the Spice Girls have been given the chance to perform at the Olympic ceremony. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, the whole thing is in jeopardy because one of the little devils is throwing bitch-fits and on a scale from Rizzle Kicks to Mariah Carey I’ve heard they’re off the scale!

Melanie Brown, or better known as Scary spice (ironic) has decided that she’s A-List enough to make pricey demands such as flying in her family and friends from all over the world, flying her stylist over and letting her trail behind her every step as well as allowing all said people backstage access to the concert!

Sorry babes, but last time I checked (just now) you still weren’t on the A-List. Try, maybe, E, F OR G-List? If you’re let in. The point is you were in The Spice Girls (same as the other four), had mild successes attempting a solo career then, erm, became a fitness fanatic, moved to America and got a reality show? In between, had some kids and married umpteen times. Whatever, I’m over the woman.

Fact is, even Victoria Beckham (who may as well OWN the A-List) knows how big of a deal this Olympic concert is, oppurtunity wise. After hubby David was snubbed in the GB footy team, Vic knows that this isn’t in the bag ’til it’s over!

So, my advice to Geri, Emma, Mel C and Victoria is quite simply this; DITCH THE DIVA BITCH!

Not sitting on the fence with this one, I’ve dived straight in. Spice Girls were the pioneers of the 90’s paving the way for all the pants girl bands that followed (B*Witched, Girls Aloud etc) and I don’t want them to go out like this! They will reign in Scary Spice, put her on a leash and smash this gig sending Girl Power all over the world as planned!

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