Get, Get, Get! In Line & Settle Down! No Doubt Are BACK!

18 Jul

Smokin’ hot Gwen Stefani is BACK with her No Doubt crew with a catchy new single, trippy video and their first album release for over a decade!

To watch the new video for ‘Settle Down’ follow this link:

>>>>>**** ****<<<<<

Genuinely, I am dumbfounded at Gwen’s sheer resilience to ageing. Take this still from 2001 video to ‘Hey Baby’:

And then compare it to this present day pic from ‘Settle Down’:

There is no way to ever know that 11 years separates these two photos! The woman is astonishing. Especially when you take into consideration that in those 11 years off from No Doubt she took the pop industry by storm with her own solo career (releasing bangers such as Hollaback Girl, Wind It Up, Luxurious and What You Waitin’ For let alone collaborating with big names such as Akon on The Sweet Escape and Eve on Rich Girl), was named one of People magazine’s most beautiful people, lauched not one but TWO clothing ranges (L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers) and was titled Harper & Queen’s best dressed woman in 2005.

AND in amongst all of that craziness she managed to settle down herself with her husband (musician Gavin Rossdale) and have two gorgeous babies (Kingston and Zuma):

But, back to the music then and No Doubt, like I mentioned, are back in the biz; and what a re-entrance they’ve made with ‘Settle Down’. Classic reggae tone, catchy rifts and a trippy video where the band re-unite in character, the track has already been met with huge appraisal from top industry know-it-alls; Rolling Stone have Settle Down in their ‘New & Hot’ section on their online magazine ( ), Lady GaGa herself tweeted this, “@nodoubt single ‘Settle Down’ is out. I just bought it! Go get it it’s so good!” and according to Gwen the LA radio stations are really feeling this track too! On Twitter she wrote, “omg so much radio love for #settledown! @987LA @1043MYfm it’s like nonstop ear candy today!! gx”

So there we have it! Long-awaited, finally here! No Doubt’s brand new sounds! Roll on September, Push & Shove is going to explode onto the album charts!

Follow the band on Twitter for updates and info:






“Settle Down” is available to purchase on iTunes NOW!

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