Should Rihanna Be In REHAB?!

1 Jul

My love for Rihanna is bitter sweet.

Her music, her style, her effortless, Bajan beauty and her epic stage performances warrant my sometimes irrational obsession.

However, she doesn’t seem herself of late and I’m starting to wonder if it has anything to do with the rumours drifting around the place about her possible consumption of unhealthy substances.

In short, has she turned into a drugged out wild child?!

She’s gone from THIS:

Beautiful, fresh-faced Bajan pop star;


A re-invented version of herself;

to finally end up in photos like THESE:



Whether or not these things in the photos are drugs or whatever else, she’s partying like it’s literally the end of the world and it’s just not sexy! Also, in my humble opinion, her last album SUCKED!

I’ve had enough now, what do you think?! Is she/isn’t she on drugs? Should it matter or should I just let it go? It might be a coincidence that her last album was totally pants which is around the same time as these most recent pictures but I hope she takes a time out and stop acting all ‘thugged out’ or however she says it. You’re surely smarter than this woman!? Give it up!

Photo Sources:



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