Good Luck With That, TomKat!

1 Jul

From the start of this bizarre relationship I have felt deeply sorry for Katie Holmes.

Not only was she sent on an intense study course to learn the ins and outs of her husband-to-be’s religion, Scientology, she then had to raise their only child under it’s strict regime too.

Yet, after years of trying to be happy in a marriage she was ‘unhappy in for years’, Katie Holmes has finally filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

This is the sort of media love-story I hate to see. We don’t know whether they have tried counselling, time apart or any other healing processes but the couple have gone straight for divorce. Katie is behind the filing with the hopes of gaining sole custody of their beautiful little girl, Suri.


The papers are saying that Katie (who was brought up a Catholic) has grown to ‘dislike and distrust’ the Scientology movement and has filed the divorce papers in the state of New York instead of California as they ‘dislike giving warring parents joint custody’. This, to me, doesn’t sound good. It seems the relationship must be at sour points if they are ‘at war’ with one another but from experience (my mother and father divorced when I was younger and it was a very bitter war to the end) I know how much it can affect young children (my brother was 10-years-old).

At the moment Suri is being brought up the ‘Scientology Way’ which means she is treated like an adult and is able to make all her own decisions. This may, however, explain a few of her outfit choices;


Heels and lipstick? I’l be watching this one for future blog posts!!

Anyway, the media (and anyone with a hint of common sense) are predicting a messy custody battle with this one which I find so saddening. What I really want to know is how hard they truly worked to save their relationship becuase I know it’s not easy at times but you have to try. I hope they’ve done all they can and consider the little one’s feelings in all this.

We’ll have to see how this one turns out.

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