Cooler Than The Red Dress?

20 Jun

Wednesday’s Obsession: THAT Red Dress.

You know the one I’m on about. I don’t know how many ‘Who Wore It Best’ polls I’ve participated in over the last few weeks but I know it could be into the hundreds.

Kate Middleton;


& Kim Kardashian;

They all snapped up this dress and wore it to three extremely publicised events.

Kim teaming her dress with some killer Christian Louboutins, Kate with her ever-trusty LK Bennett ‘nudes’ and Tulisa with Nicholas Kirkwood platforms.

The shoe candy is all I’m lusting after though because, quite frankly, this is one seriously ugly dress.

I can’t be alone in this opinion? Not one of these perfectly-groomed, young ladies looks well-fitted in the dress and the random flap-detail on the hip annoys the life out of me.

Quite clearly (and this is without any Kardashian-based prejudice on my part) Kim looks infinitely better in her ensemble as the length is perfect for her height and her curves fill the dress out in all of the right places thus creating a nice, womanly silhouette.

Don’t judge me, but, my opinion on the Duchess’ outfit is that it looks too much like a boarding school uniform with the extended arm length and longer hemline. However, I am aware that there are certain rules one has to follow when one is such a royal, therefore, I shall let it go.

Tulisa is a whole new kettle of fish. The dress is too loose, totally the wrong length for her style and figure and those shoes (although they make me drool on their own) are just not supposed to be teamed with such a delicate looking dress. All-in-all I am writing this one off for Tulisa, which is a shame because usually she can really do it for me in the style-stakes!

Ok, I’m glad I got this off my chest; completing countless opinion polls wasn’t enough for me.

To summarise; three gorgeous, fabulously styled ladies who are all in a bad dress.

*Aaaand… Breathe!*

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