Opinion vs. Bullying With Fearne Cotton

10 Jun

I don’t understand Fearne Cotton’s defensive attitude towards critics against her lacklustre jubilee coverage.

Like Fearne I come from a working class family and have been working my ass off for 5 years now trying to better myself and my future. Also, just like Fearne I was mildly bullied at school.

Unlike Fearne, though, I can admit when I can do better.

According to Saturday’s Daily Mail the BBC received over 4000 complaints about the Jubilee coverage with most controversy surrounding an item featuring Fearne Cotton and Paloma Faith in which they discussed royal memorabilia including ‘Queen Sickbags’. Further to this, when interviewing war heroes Cotton muddled up names and stumbled through their stories which made for painful viewing.

In Fearne’s defence, I can totally understand that she and the other Jubilee hosts presented non-stop for a huge amont of time and, for the most part, did rather a good job.

BUT to then go on Twitter and have a rant and a rave about the people understandably upset with her cock ups is where I lose any respect for her. Totally over-reacting she writes, “People who sit lazily and judge will never grow. They’ll never take a look at themselves or feel content. Shame so many do.”

She continues “Grown men who slag me off in articles/online are huge bullies. I love my job and wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t any good at it.”

Then when one user writes “You were pretty rubbish on the Pageant day, love. If you can’t see why, then maybe you should find a new career.”

To me, this is a fair comment. Any presenter who muddles up heroes’ names on a heart-warming broadcast should be able to suck it up, accept the inevitable comments and crack on.

Oh no,no…not Fearne! She fires off a tweet directly replying to the above, tweeting, “YOU=bully. Take a look at yourself.”

She then carries on about being from a working class family, working hard to get to where she is today and some other nonsense about bullying and opinions.

If I am also working class and a hard-worker trying to better myself every day, am I, too, now automatically invincible to critics?

I’m seriously not impressed at all at the immature nature of which Fearne has taken these comments. At 30-years-old you’d have thought social network rows are far behind you, but not to worry.

Am I the only one getting sick and tired of this woman?

[ Photo from http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/4363071/Fearne-My-critics-are-just-bullies.html ]


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