My Spoilt Little Bichon

7 Jun

Today, Princess’ new wardrobe essentials arrived in a cute little purple package from Puppy Kit.

Neatly folded inside was a bright pink raincoat and a baby pink ‘Princess’ Vest. I’ve posted before about the raincoat but it was way too small for my chubby Bichon before so I had to swap it for a bigger size. Now both items fit perfectly and I thought I’d share the highly adorable sight with my fellow pooch lovers!

Puppy Kit is located in Buckhurst Hill in Essex and is also popular with TV stars from ‘The Only Way is Essex’. My personal puppy faves from the show are the tiny Elvis (owned by Billi Mucklow shown below left with best friend Cara Kilbey) and Wrighty (owned by Mark Wright & Lauren Goodger in an earlier series of TOWIE, both shown below right leaving the Puppy Kit boutique).

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You can shop online at

Credit Cards At The Ready!



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