WARNING! Controversial Content!

1 Jun

I have something to get off my chest.

Excuse the pun.

Before I do I would like to make it clear that a woman’s body is, in my opinion, some of nature’s finest craftsmanship. And YES I also realise I am not Beyonce or any other perfect individual.

Now, some of us are larger than others. No big deal. Doesn’t bother me. Whatever.

What bothers is me is when you see a beautiful young lady, in public, who clearly has trouble dressing her figure.

Example 1: Large ladies in short, Body-Con dresses/skirts, short shorts and teaming leggings with short tops

If you have been blessed with some ‘booty-full’ curves then good for you! Embrace them with some flowy, on-trend maxi- dresses or boyfriend cardigans. There is no need to whack out a body-con dress becuase let’s face it, if you’re not under a size 10 those bad boys are going to cling to anyone’s lumps and bumps.

Celebrity Example: Gemma Collins – Look at the difference between these two dresses. The blue body-con dress on the left literally highlights all of the bits we’d ordinarily want to hide whereas the looser, black dress creates a much slimmer shape:

[ Picture on right click http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/05/28/article-1391925-0C50498E00000578-529_306x644.jpg ]

[ Picture on left click http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Gemma+Collins+Only+Way+Essex+DVD+Signing+S0pnMkAcA46l.jpg ]

As for leggings, please, please, please don’t leave your ass hanging out for the world to see because a) they are probably see through and b) if you’re not a Kardashian the general public can see your cellulite. End of story.

Actually the above leggings advice applies to any person of any size. Including me. I’ve taken note.

Celebrity Example: Poor Christina Aguilera! She’s not really helping herself here, not only has she piled on the pounds of late she’s also letting it all hang out in see-through leggings (right)! Such a shame because she can look stunning whatever shape she is (left):

[ Left http://www.rnbmusicblog.net/2012/01/07/474/christina-aguilera-weight-gain.html ]

[ Right http://www.spetteguless.it/tag/christina-aguilera-leggings/ ]

Example 2: Slim girls in cleavage-hungry tops

If you’re a slim-jim and feel your breasticles haven’t developed anywhere near what you were hoping for then don’t make it worse for yourself by wearing a top that clearly needs a bigger bust to sit pretty. Also, take note that wearing a bra bigger than your actual size doesn’t go un-noticed and actually makes you look smaller.

Celebrity Example: Annalynne McCord (the repeat offender!) – Although this is a swimsuit shot on the left you can see my point. This swimsuit needs more boobage! The bustier pic (right) is a classic example of a waste of cup space! The vest on the bottom, I don’t think, will look good on anyone. Just seems worse here with the lack of cleavage.

[ Left http://chanceplus1.com/die-t-diet-too-skinny-celebrities/annalynne-mccord-is-too-thin-annalynne-mccord-is-too-skinny-annalynne-mccord-is-too-skinny-chance-tv-celebrity-diets-4/ ]

[ Middle http://www.denimology.com/2009/09/annalynne_mccord_in_a_denim_bustier.php ]

[ Right http://www.hollywoodphotoshop.com/Actress/A/AnnaLynne%20McCord.htm ]

 BUT!!! Look what you slimbos CAN DO! If I could look this classy with that much booby on show I’d use this daily!

[ Left http://celebies.com/picture/53688 ]

[ Middle http://www.aceshowbiz.com/events/Jennifer%20Aniston/jennifer-aniston-18th-annual-women-in-hollywood-tribute-02.html ]

[ Right http://movies.popcrunch.com/kate-hudson-hair-products-david-babaii-for-wildaid/ ]

So basically what I’m trying to say is, dress for your figure and not for the trends. Incorporate what’s hot in your own way. The general public don’t want to see that secret jello, the fatty ripples or empty bras!

I reckon I have some clearing out of my own to do!


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