Cannes Style Prompts New Girl Crush

25 May

Kristen Stewart has been brought to my attention whilst casually reading Wednesday’s Metro (London)! There she is on Page 3 (NOT topless!) looking equally as casual… but posing for photographers on the red carpet in Cannes.

That’s the catch.

Simple tailored trousers matched with a similarly understated white top. Less-is-more make-up and loosely curled hair creates such a classic look. I decided to look into Kristen’s style a little more.

Firstly, I find she is as much a slave to her jeans as I am to my leggings. I go grocery shopping in leggings. They are also my staple wardrobe essential for nights out, clubbing, dinners, get togethers; EVERYTHING! It’s cool to see such a chilled superstar for once. I’ve spent the last year being the Kardashians’ groupie (and FYI, I will continue this Kardashian obsession for the foreseeable future so don’t get it twisted!) so seeing such a fresh-faced, dressed-down celeb is doing it for me right now.

[ From ]

Although, it’s got to be said that she scrubs up well too. Everyone who is a someone is in Cannes. It’s a big deal. Style stakes are ridiculous! On I found this picture of Kristen:


[ Found by clicking ]

Although I’m not crazy about the trousers on the right, the blazer and the gown to the left is stunning. Teaming the Balenciaga gown with simple hair styling, strappy heels and minimal accessories the look corresponds perfectly with her laid-back attitude. Click the link under the picture for an article that gives you all the inside style details.

Don’t shoot me for saying this but I’m not a Twilight fan and am yet to see one of her films, however I’ll be stalking her style for a while.

Move over leggings, I’m investing in skinny jeans!


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