Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

24 May

Being treated to a champagne carvery at the Strand Palace’s hotel restaurant (“The Strand Carvery”) already made me feel a million dollars. Especially after a day shopping in Camden in the blazing sunshine. Almost perfect.

Little did I know that the grand finale of my birthday in London awaits right round the corner, at the Lyceum theatre.

As the curtain rose and the ensemble began ‘The Circle of Life’, genuine tears of joy welled up in my eyes as I realised I was about to witness the critically-acclaimed theatre acquivalent of my all-time favourite Disney film. Live on stage. Right now.

Sung in perfect symphony and displayed in a stunning visual, the opening scene blew me away. I’m not a theatre buff, I’m not a keen stage director nor am I a critic of any sort. BUT right from the start I was open-mouthed; speechless.

[ ]

As far as costume designs go, nothing can compare to those in the Lion King. It’s clear that it has taken an untold amount of time, dedication and art to create such a striking resemblance to what we could only imagine the characters would look like had they come to life.

I was afraid to blink in case I missed something!

At the start, I was anxious to see how the ‘Stampede’ scene would be re-created as, let’s not lie, it’s the most emotional, pivotal scene in the story. I needn’t have worried! Each and every animal has been accounted for in intricate detail, with choreography to match.

[ ]

Every cast member clearly put their heart and soul into their performances, however the stand-out act, for me, was played by Brown Lindiwe Mkhize as Rafiki.

[ ]

SERIOUSLY, the ONLY advice I can give you from here is GO AND SEE THIS AMAZING show. Humourous, emotional, visually mind-blowing and heaven for your ears it is everything you expect from an award-winning West End show.


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