12 May

You know you’ve had a pretty remarkable holiday when you come home and feel like you need a holiday to get over the last holiday…

I touched back down in London Town yesterday afternoon after four memorable days away to Benidorm, Costa Blanca [which is Mainland Spain for those lacking Geography skills ;-)]. What can I say?! Where do I begin?!

First thing to clear up is the misconception that Benidorm is a tacky, over-bearing holiday resort; full of ravers on one side and grannies on the other. Although there are two sides to the resort, both are connected by one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in Europe so far [I’ve been to Greece, Cyprus, France & Costa Dorada to name but a few]. Upon making my first step onto the beach the golden, white, fine sand welcomed my pale, English feet slightly burning my heels as my best friend Katie and I raced for the loungers. If you think this is exaggerated, take a look at the below picture. It illustrates pure heaven; what every sun-worshipping Brit is looking for on their break away.

Another main point to note, which opened my eyes whilst away, is the fact that there is every sort of person imaginable at this resort. The groups of lads and ladettes out for a laugh, the stag and hen do’s and couples of all ages needing a break. The older generation taking advantage of the sequence dancing and the sunsets on the balcony. Families letting their little darlings loose in the swimming pool. The shy, retiring types reading in a shady corner just by the bar. All of these people were all together and EVERYONE FELT COMFORTABLE. Such diversity can often cause trouble but for some reason in Benidorm, everyone is free from judgement, open to conversation and very friendly. Now that’s an atmosphere I like to be a part of…

We stayed at the Gran Hotel Bali in the Old Town of Poniente. Reserved with a few cafés and bars scattered between hotels, the surrounding area has a safe and relaxed vibe to it. 4* rated and offering all boards from bed and breakfast to all inclusive, Katie and I opted for the all inclusive option to get the full package. Luckily for us (being the two greedy fiends that we are) the food was fresh and plentiful at all meal times which, as you can imagine, we took full advantage of. It’d be rude not to, yes?!


The Hotel Gran Bali is one of the tallest buildings in Europe with 43 floors. We took the trek up every floor to find these breath-taking views;



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