Who’s That Chick?!

27 Apr

If it’s not Khloe Kardashian, it’s Lauren Goodger. If it ain’t Beyoncé, it’s that girl from up the road. Or the guy who served me in the supermarket. People are just fascinating and I love to see what people wear, what they say, who to, where they go…

It might sound strange but we all do it, reading the mags, papers and thinking ‘Who’s that chick? Why she do that?’

You might not even notice you do it. Like my nan. She picks up stuff from other people all the time but refuses to admit it. She can spend two minutes with an American person and come away pronouncing her ‘R’s’.

I admit it. That’s why I created this blog. To view my thoughts (however weird and crazy). I will physically go out of my way to find all different types of people.

I’m heading to Essex next week to get a spray tan at Lauren Goodger’s salon, Lauren’s Way (from hit UK show, The Only Way Is Essex), then popping round the corner to go little dog shopping at Puppy Kit (also mentioned in The Only Way Is Essex). Let’s start this thing off…

Essex Style!!


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